Wednesday , March 29 2023

BMW and Mercedes Online / Free Time / Auto Moto / Trail News: FIAT, Coupe Crossover Introduction


The FIAT Fastback Concept belongs to the category of vehicles such as BMW X6 or Mercede GLE Coupe. Brazil

At the Sao Paulo car show, Fiat released a concept version of its first coupe, which should be included in the 2020 serial version.

The front fastback concept is similar to the FIAT Toro pickups that the Italian manufacturer introduced for the Brazilian market in 2015. On the other hand, the profile and rear are somewhat similar to the BMW X6 and Mercede GLE coupe.

Fastback is a design studio aimed at informing the public about future production models, primarily for the Brazilian and Latin American markets.

So the Italian manufacturer did not mention vehicle information in this case, car or other technical details.

FIAT representatives from Sao Paulo said they plan to invest $ 2.12 billion in Brazilian customers for the next five years and plan to launch 15 models by 2023.

As far as FIAT's Fastback is concerned, the production version of the dealership can arrive the fastest in 2020.

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