Wednesday , April 14 2021

Burroughs: Messi will run again in Argentina.

Messi did not say "gaucosos" after Mundial (4: 3) in the eighth finals of the second half of the French champions, but still did not say he had completed his representative career.

Argentina, Medi JPG

"Now the Messiah can not come back and the day before the New Year is not clear, it is impossible to play in Argentina anymore, and we are confident that Messi is in midfield and will be part of the team next year," Brugesaga said. Said in an interview. ".

Mesi has already withdrawn from the national team, but his mind has changed about his great desire for Mundial.

Messi, along with Argentina, misses the Copa America trophy in addition to world titles. He was defeated three times in the final. He wants new opportunities in the continental championships in Brazil.

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