Thursday , March 30 2023

Coffee – Is it better to drink hot coffee or cold coffee?


In cold weather, you can enjoy a warm cup of coffee instead of cold coffee. We already know that coffee is good for health if it is drunk in moderate quantities, and whether it is important to drink is hot or cold? It seems to be it.

How coffee affects your skin

New research suggests that hot coffee is healthier than cold because of the simple reason it has more antioxidants.

A study conducted by Nina Rao and Megan Fuler's chemistry professor showed that warm coffee has a major health impact, including lowering the risk of some cancers, diabetes and depression.

"Coffee contains a lot of antioxidants," he said. "If we drink moderately, we've found that coffee is colder," he said.

The effect of coffee we did not know before!

These scientists have discovered that hot and cold coffee is at the same pH level, nullifying the previous claim that cold coffee has low acidity and does not cause chest and chest problems. In other words, if you do not like coffee and cause heartburn, drinking cold drinks will not help.

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