Saturday , June 3 2023

Dara Bubamara: Karleusa and I have the best duo. Maja Berovic is a wonderful woman.


Singer Darabubama The last Sunday filled the news column for singles. All included, And also fighting Vlad Georgiev, She once co-operated.

In an excellent interview Committee, Bubamara revealed the moment she was born. The division between government and government What is the reason for his frequent assault?

"He was a worker when I allowed him to sing at Mark Kong's studio, later on he was on the song, at the TLZP show I was a big Vlado and made some weird words, He said: "Brother, do you remember when I left my song, when I was at my side?" Since then, hatred has begun on his part. I do not know where to comment on a woman like me … I'm in trend number one … Vlado is a classic loser and I'm drunk and I do not know if he hit the hit I'm dissatisfied in life and I will accept it as a necessity. I do not know where the alcoholic can take me to my mouth. " Bubamara is honest and is currently preparing a new album and singing with one song by voice. Yelena Carlosa.

"I will not stop with crazy energy, I will announce new pictures, songs and duets with Karleusa." Speak and explain: "Only when I talk about the two of us in the duet – it's already booming, but imagine the place! Everyone will be out of jealousy. We have a good song and it will be an unusually good place."

Bubamara also supported the concert. Mazabero Beach In the arena. She did not show up, but her colleagues congratulated her on her success.

"Maya is a great girl, and she and I also helped her. When she had to do a concert at the arena, she moved her, and she said to me," Daro, you're right now. I'm going to see a concert somewhere in October, "she is really the right woman, and unlike other singers, Maja respects me. She made some progress in a short time, I am guilty of not going to the concert but I was in Kosovo and I worked all weekend. " Dara says, on the other hand, there is no good word for Majin colleagues. Couple Corelli I Brothers short.

"They bore all the more bugs, baby, I will not say much about them, they are irrelevant" The short one is Bubamara.

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