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Do not use it only for grips and herbs: How do you choose a car that gets sick?


Those who belong to people who drink only when they have a cold or flu make a big mistake, the researchers say. Tea can help a lot of obstacles such as appetite problems, insomnia and headaches.

That's why it's good enough to eat every day, and make choices based on your favorite taste and the health problems that a particular type of tea can fix.


It works favorably on liver and gallbladder function, helps migraine, and alleviates the symptoms of herpes.


It contains a lot of vitamin C, alleviates and prevents bladder infections, helps diarrhea and dehydration.

Medical polyphenols have a disease. You should include the food in the menu as soon as possible.


It is effective for sedation and insomnia, relieves stomach pain and poor digestive symptoms, has analgesic effect



Controls sweating, neutralizes flu viruses, and helps with gum inflammation.


It alleviates the problem of urinary incontinence, so it is best to urinate urine and drink as much as possible to alleviate the problem.

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It relieves loosening, works well in the heart and relieves dizziness in pregnant women.

Mother annotation

It is used in the treatment of bronchitis and cough, has a strong sterilizing power and is effective against intestinal parasites.


Haiduka grass

This tea improves appetite, promotes blood circulation, and helps with heart disease.

WHITE HEALTH: Women should use this oil every day for the following reasons!


It relieves headaches and soothing, applies to urinary tract disorders and is well suited to insomnia.

Belly Sledge

This tea is recommended for inflammation of the respiratory organs and thistles, helps to relieve secretion, and is also effective against diarrhea.

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