Sunday , February 5 2023

FSS has released Proleter games.


FSS started the Proleter - Radnički gaming process.

Tragedy: Zarija Lambulic

The Serbian Football Federation Ethics Committee has started an ethical process for the Super League 16 rounds match between Proleter of Novad Sad and Nis Radnicki of Karadjordje on Friday.

how Blick Informally, the FSS Ethics Committee has initiated procedures based on reports received from UEFA and the results of ethical procedures will be announced this week in the final decision of the Ethics Committee.

Let's remember. Novi Sad's game ended in two-to-one, and at the center of attention was the Proleter. Lady LambouchiIn the second half, the penalty hid and turned a corner.

After the victory, Nils scored nine points less than Red Star and scored twice more than 4th place in the third place.

Picture: Star Sports

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