Friday , August 12 2022

Live: Olimpija-Crvena zvezda 49:65 (kraj treceg kvartala) | basketball


18:07 –
The third quarter

The second half started in Ljubljana. Jones was correct after the first home attack of the quarter. The stars returned for two, and then a series of missed wires followed both teams. With a series of failures, Spain blocked the first three games, and he recorded a corner kick. They have fixed all the shots of the game, and Red and White have the greatest advantage since Cirbes (43:52).

Begic was half of the free throw line after the fourth Perperoglu foul. She increased her star lead in the sequel and flared in the plus 12 (44:56) after two successes with the right freed. Begić shortened the defensive period shortly, but Faye picked up three of the returned Perperoglu (46:59). Zoran Martic requested a timetable.

The Belgrade team is completely exclusive this quarter. After Cirbes is thrown, Dobrić Zvezda gives 18 points per minute and adds (46:64) at the end of the quarter. Olympia scored 10 points this quarter. Red and white had 9 o'clock and the home team had no baskets for almost four minutes. Just before the siren sounded, Reynolds hit three. So he stopped at the traffic lights at 49:65.

17:26 –

At the beginning of the second semester, he is correct to two young Simonovic who belong to the rank of Olympique. One minute after the game, Perperoglu (25:24) scored his first score. Then Star made a mini series (25:29) and the home team responded to the timing car. The incredible dunk from Ljubljana's Begovic team reduced the backlog, but Beron recorded his third triple. After soloing, Begic got 2 points, so the score was 29:32. Milan Tomic responded with a domestic mini-series (31:32) asking for a timekeeper.

A large number of red and white jumps appear. The biggest advantage of the previous game of Zvezda game was more than two minutes. Odz (33:39) added after free throws. 6. There was a lot of failure on both sides, and Dobrick interfered with the three corners (36:43) with a series of six penalties and a series of bad shots. Olimpija asked for a timeout.

I did not have much left until the end of 20 minutes. Mesicek tried three in the last attack but it was incorrect. At halftime the result is 36:43.

17:02 –
First quarter

For the first attack on the match, they were red and white. Lazic missed the raise but got two free throws due to the foul. But he took up half of the penalty line. On the other side of Faja, Radulovic bounced and Beron threw a 3 (0: 4). Olissic scored the first goal in two minutes with Lébeque scoring three goals and Legland scoring many goals in a 1: 1 situation (3: 6). Reynold continued landing, and Cirbes added two points to Star's account (5: 8).

Before the end of the game four minutes, the home team was out of the bonus with three fouls in 10 seconds. Radulovic had a non-sportsman attack, so the Lazic in the Fly-In line was twice as accurate and the red and white caught the ball on the side. They did not use the opportunity to point, and Reynolds punished it after a quick counter. He got two points, and he was half off the penalty. After finishing Faja on the scoreboard, at 8:12, Olimpija quickly approached the point behind.

Beron scored from a difficult position in semi-solid, but Reynolds replaced Odessa and scored on his seventh board. The first player, Olimpija, saw Lapornik and Jones added two points (18:14). Beron returned the second triple. Reynolds is wonderful. After finishing Paulo's job, he finished the advertisement and added free throw again. The same thing on the other side was done immediately by Faye (21:22). But at the end of the first quarter, the Ljubljana team's minimal advantage (23:22). During the first 10 minutes, there were also 17 personal mistakes.

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