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There is one thing separating them …

Novak DjokovicPhoto: / LUKAS COCH / EPA;

Novak Djokovic will fight for 9.30 for the seventh title at the Australian Open on Sunday and Rafael Nadal, who did not miss any set in Melbourne at the final stage!

That's why Alex Korek and Pet Cash, another tennis player next to the world's second racket, follow.

Novak DjokovicPhoto: ritchie tongo / EPA;
Novak Djokovic

– If you go to a recent history, you should choose Novakar. Still, I do not think this is the case in this case. The winner of Australia and Wimbledon played many matches with Rafa in 1987 when Rafa returned after finishing the match.

Nole and Rafa before the final:

– Generally speaking, he was not actually tested in this tournament. Four or five hours against Novak … Big question. But it is a wonderful thing for Nathan. So I think the finals will be exciting.

Novak DjokovicPhoto: Tanjug / AP
Novak Djokovic

Eventually he reached out to Roger Federer, who thought he would fight to finish before the end of the season. He is very important because he can not break the record and attack.

– It is very important to be afraid of him. I do not know if these two people (Novak and Rafa) are too interested in this. Eventually, due to the record, I decided to continue playing in Wimbledon. "

Rafael NadalPhoto: Anabolia
Rafael Nadal

Though Djokovic is less likely to congratulate, it is the opinion of most experts and former aces in Melbourne that the 53 classics between Djokovic and Nadal will belong to Spain.

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