Thursday , February 2 2023

They claim that there are too many students and teachers infected


Education trade coalition calls for school closures: they claim too many infected students and teachers

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BELGRADE-Serbia’s three representative education unions, the Education Trade Union, the Education Trade Union, the Education Trade Union branch, the Education Trade Union Nezavisnost, today called for the end of education directly at the school.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Education and the Minister of Crisis Staff, they explained the request that the field data on the number of infected students and staff members were different from the data presented by Prime Minister Ana Brnaevich two days ago.

As they said according to their sources that there are many times more sick students, not all students with characteristic symptoms are tested, but you can see that they are quarantined and not included in official reports.

“The number of infected teachers is very high, according to field data,” the union headquarters’ letter added that, on average, each school had up to 3 infected and 1,750 schools, the number of infected was about 5,000.



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