Wednesday , April 14 2021

(Video), you can do it anytime! The door will be a singer: How do you distinguish yourself from others?

– I think if I go out. When everyone can, I know what's different. In the music world alone, I have more than half of them talented. After one solo, and a duet with Sabah. When we play together, we make a cruel video. When I saw Kia recording the song, I was in the "Brotherhood" stage, and how much money she saw … She hurt her ear and wisely used 5 minutes. Just the phenomenon is important. I will use it as soon as I get out. "Luna said.

You can solve the problem without problems as Teodora did. "Saba said, and Alex agreed.

– Do you know that you are more popular when you come out? I asked Alex.

– When I first came out, I could not use it. I could not sit in the car, I did not have to go to the center to go to the people. I was in serious trouble, "Luna admitted.

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