Monday , January 30 2023

Who tore us apart! ||


It seemed Milicato road beach I found happiness next to the actor Petra StrugaraSurprisingly, the two announced that they broke up after 4 months. As it is written, they broke up peacefully, without ugly words, and so far have never spoken of parting. Milica decided to break the silence in her way and said their parting was “the patronage of horses.”

-Hi, Pero, how are you? He will probably be with the horse now. What can he do now? Feathers and his horse. Greetings for Peru and horses-Milica spoke about “Kurir” and then revealed who separated them.

There have been speculations as to why they broke up for a long time, and the singer now finally explained everything.

-Horses ruled. Words have united us and divided us. I’m kidding. If you do not go, you will not go. It’s the only emotional failure I have. We didn’t get along lively. I’m on one side and he’s been with the horse all day and that’s all-said Milica.

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Milica and Petar met during a video recording of the song “Love Less” in Peter’s nonsense role.

-The producer and the director came up with the idea that the center of the video would make sense. Peter invited him because he owns an obedient horse. As soon as he came to the recording and reached out to Milica, the flame immediately lit. Sources close to singers and actors once told the media.

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