Sunday , April 18 2021

Why is it dangerous to take antibiotics without a doctor's consent?

Antibiotics are important medicines, but they are not almighty.

We use antibiotics only when we use antibiotics properly.

Only on recommendation

Although antibiotics treat many infections, not all antibiotics can cure all infections.

They are not helpful in the case of viral infections such as influenza, and ingestion of this drug is the most widespread abuse of these drugs.

Experts pointed out that they should not be left in their hands only by the doctor's recommendation.

Serious problems can lead to excessive and misuse of antibiotics. In other words, bacteria become resistant to antibiotics and can not be used.

According to scientists, bacteria that are resistant to conventional antibiotics are increasing worldwide.

However, it is encouraging that proper dosing can restore drug efficacy.

To use antibiotics properly, you should take your doctor's prescribed dose.

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