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JULIA Roberts has a really good 2018 year.

After spending the first two months of the year watching her family drama wonder It ranks fourth in the box office list with the highest personal history. She will soon return to the big screen with the drama of the Oscar season. Ben is back. Opposite Lucas Hedges, and now in her first TV series, Amazon. homecoming.

Julia Roberts It's a good day to be a fan.

In the next few months, there is one word I do not want to hear.

Julia Roberts has followed her career ever since, and partly in response to her rising rhyme Pretty Woman The movie is a huge blockbuster (fourth, fourth, Die Hard 2, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Two Schwarzenegger films) Roberts has been a candidate for Oscar for many years and instantly made Julia Roberts the world's biggest female actress.

Since then we have expected a seemingly fall.

Every time Roberts demonstrated his imaginative talent, he had a great success. The career path sends her in the press about her great comeback.

A little later, you can see if you misidentified this "comeback" label. Kiefer Sutherland married an altar, or Lyle Lovett, and broke everyone's brains.

After twin successes Pretty Woman and Bear with the enemy, Roberts a) broke up with Sutherland three days before the wedding scheduled for June 1991, and b) appeared as Tinkerbell in a misunderstanding by Steven Spielberg. hook, One of the most notorious films of the '90s.

Roberts took a two – year break from self – imposed filmmaking (except Robert Altman 's simple cameo) player) Before her return to Reid, opposite Denzel Washington Pelican Brief.

You would have thought that Orpheus himself broke out in the depths of hell in a way that Roberts' screen return was analyzed and researched.

Pelican Brief Even though more people wanted to talk about marriage to Lovett at the time, there was an additional loss of $ 100 million. This film has a reputation as one of the great 90s thrillers.

But Roberts' mid-90s attempt to extend the brand beyond carbonated comics, and the potboiler thriller punches her fearful "slump" tag especially two or three times Mary Riley, Michael Collins and Everyone says I love you. 1996

America wanted a lot of Julia Roberts. What they do not want is Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hyde were panicking whispering with maidens. Nor was Julia the love interest for the Irish revolution heroes, or anyone interested in the Woody Allen Paramore given to the song.

So, again, until the time My best friend's wedding It was a national holiday that Roberts returned to the romantic comedy genre. We were all her favorite places.

people magazine Despite the fact that his words about Roberts' promotional texts at that time prompted some sort of outrage when he had to surpass these basketballs, he walked a lot of flags and balloons at the time.

"Roberts' decision wedding After years of increasingly suspicious job choicesMary Riley, Michael Collins, Ready to wear), She learned how to go back to a sexy and fun role that turns out to be a hot and cold girl once and for all. Roberts, who showed the movie to the theater owner at the ShoWest International Convention in Las Vegas in March, is a lovely long and curly shade in the way you like. For the love of God, see this movie! "

My best friend's wedding Roberts told a ridiculous story about how to make ridiculous stories as her career report about the ridiculous support of life was always exaggerated about how to continue making excellent movies. Careers, including solid thrillers Conspiracy theory, Weepie wiped out for life Stepmom, 1999 rom-com bonanzas Notting Hill and A fledgling bride, All 2000 Academy Awards Erin Brockovich.

Julia Roberts is paradoxical among actors and actresses who have won an Oscar for their comeback narrative.

From then on Roberts' career was a little less vulnerable to the "slump" charge. Because a) Oscar was at least like Hollywood Teflon for a while b) Ocean Movies that may not have been Julia Roberts' movies. Whole front Or (sigh) duplicity Overflowing.

It did not stop the press labeling the "comeback". I eat, I pray, I love. In 2010, and when the movie was financially okay (and critically less well), it was labeled as a fearful "comeback".

Oscar nominations for 2013 August: Osage County Close enough critics. But it was an unexpected windfall. wonder It attracted everyone's attention last year. Because it was a rather unexpected masterpiece, the "return" folktales did not even have the opportunity to take shape. Which may be too bad. Comeback narratives could lead to a Best Supporting Actress nomination.

During this awards season, she will attempt a career-up swing for her fifth career. Ben is back.She plays her emotional conflict mother to rehabilitation worker Lucas Hedges after her retirement.

Here it is: If you have to keep writing a new "comeback" story for an actor every few years, it means she has not left. Likewise, this comeback story comes from the perception that another actor has strengthened to catch her recognized American sweetheart crown.

Meg Ryan's rise in the early nineties was driven by Roberts,Pelican Brief exile. The simple presence of Sandra Bullock prevented critics from ever smearing on Roberts' casket.My best friend's wedding 90s) but twice (before Eat Love, When Roberts was reported to have passed both suggestion and A blind man).

The rush to announce that Julia Roberts' career dies and then wakes up, dies again, and is alive again, shows how Hollywood can make actors jump over and compete with each other.

This week, Julia Roberts is the star of the brand new Amazon TV series. homecoming. It is not a comeback. It's not her last chance. It is the next work of an actor who has been strongly rejected.

This article was originally posted on The Decider and has been reproduced with permission.

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