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AMKTC trial: former GM's mistress has returned $ 20,000 in bribery charges, the Defense Department said.

San Francisco (SINGAPORE): A bribe of S $ 20,000 received by the former general councilor for the lady who wants to spend on housing reform was partially repaid.

The bribe is believed to have been repatriated to China in June 2015, but the Defense Ministry's attorney, Melanie Ho, said that in April 2016, S $ 10,000 was returned later.

This alleged bribery is one of 54 corruption charges faced by former Ang Mo Kio Town Council (AMKTC) general manager Victor Wong Chee Meng.

From December 2014 to September 2016, he was accused of receiving $ 107,000 in Singapore with a variety of pleasures from the director of Chia Sin Lan. The two companies of Chia, 19-ANC Enterprise and 19-NS2 Enterprise, worked in the city council.

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The court heard about the partial redemption of S $ 20,000 (S $) during cross-examination by prosecutor's prime minister, Tay Eng Chuan. Tay worked for Chia and argued that he had witnessed a "dishonest" deal that he thought was a constituent of bribery.

Ho, who works for Wong, tried to show Tay did not have complete knowledge or personal knowledge of what happened.

She asked whether Wong's government would still offer bribes if Xu Hongmei repaid a partial or total of $ 20,000 (S $).

As she replies through the Mandarin interpreter, Taylor replied, "Well, if she returns the amount in part or as a whole, I think it will not be a bribe, whether it still offers bribes or not. "

Wong, who sat on the pier, nodded.

"In fact, on April 28, 2016, there was a $ 10,000 return on the teeth," he said.

"I do not have such a record and I have that kind of impression," Tei replied.

"Exactly, you do not know about it," Ho said.

CHIA's son worked for AMKTC.

The defense counsel continued to question Tay about the other two cases in which he presented evidence. One included the role of teeth in securing jobs for Wong's daughter-in-law, Stella.

Mr. Taylor explained his inconvenience to this problem.

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Tay asked himself whether Wong had asked some friends to find Stella's job.

The son of Chi was also looking for a job, said Ho. And she asked Taylor if she knew what kind of job Chia was asking Wong for in 2015.

Taylor said he did not know.

Ho was appointed as one of AMKTC's real estate executives through information and proper procedures for Chia's son, "Wong, from his job."

"When I started working there, I knew that he was working as AMKTC's real estate manager," Tay said.

According to Ho, the son of Chia was the real estate manager of AMKTC from August 2015 to 2016.

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Going back to his job on Wong's daughter-in-law, Mr. Ho asked Taylor about the court and how he felt about the matter.

"It's simple," answered Taylor. "This is what Alisa (19-ANC project director and 19-NS2 director) says Victor's daughter-in-law wants to work for ANC, and Alisa says she can not tolerate it. The company that eventually worked while 19-NS2 paid the salary). "

Taylor said, "If you go through the right channel, your salary will work normally and you will be paid normally." "I have a question mark in my head because I'm asking why there are so many straightforward deficits."

He noted that Stella was promoted to work at 4-Ever, and from Stella and Wong's point of view, Wong had no problem with any of them, because he did not know the agreement on how Stella was paid.


The third issue that the Department of Defense has addressed is the use of the phone that Tay called up for Wong to use.

According to Tay's early evidence, Chia applied for a phone call so the latter family did not know about his mistress and his girlfriend.

Taylor knew later that Wong was the person using the phone, and the monthly phone bill reflected the Chinese call that Wong's mistress was in.

The DoD claimed that Chia and Wong used the phone to contact people when they went to China. Chia had a Chinese supplier who provided chen burners for Chia to work with the village council.

Tay said, "I do not have this concept, I do not know."

"And when Xu is in Singapore, Hongmei, not Wong, is using the phone," said Ho. "Did you know that when Hongmei is in Singapore, Victor is in Singapore, so you do not have to call him, he lent to Hong Mei to make a phone call."

Taylor said he was not sure.

The trial resumes on Friday with Tay.

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