Sunday , January 29 2023

Doctors called light a "killing" habit.


Врачи назвали привычку, In addition, smoke from water cigarettes affects the kidneys and bladder.

Water cigarette smoke causes irritation and edema in the throat, causing headaches and elevated pressure. As a result of breathing, a person can lose consciousness.

This is due to the contents of toxic substances.

We carried out experiments. He smokes, he smokes, he smokes, he smokes, he smokes, he smokes, he smokes, he smokes, he smokes, he smokes, he smokes. So after the hookah was over, the carbon monoxide content was ten times more – to Otto Rack, a 52-year-old senior physician at the Kiev City Health Center.

Cigarette stand is a cigarette product. During the smoking process, the tar is hundreds of times larger than regular cigarettes. The same applies to carcinogens. For example, benzopyrene and formaldehyde. It is 10 times higher than smoking, smoking, smoking and smoking.

– Water also flames smoke from coals burned on hookahs. If people have passed through water or water, why do you think people have been cleansed with water? This is actually myth. Smoke is smoke. And it is very concentrated. It may cause cancer of the respiratory system.

Toxic components of water tobacco smoke also reach the excretory organism. Especially kidney and bladder. Match the health of the cardiovascular system. Hooks for smoking can be herpes, various forms of hepatitis, and tuberculosis. All of these infections flourish on the inner surface of the Hookah hose.

Risk is nicotine addiction itself. In fact, mixtures for hookahs contain nicotine like cigarettes. There are also psychological dependence and social presence. The first is that a person goes through the process of smoking a cigarette. As a result, it is no longer available after being used.

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