Sunday , January 29 2023

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Executive Director of the KPMG Audit Firm, whose task was to investigate AHTC's accounts

Senior Counselor Chelva Rajah, attorney at WP City Councilors, turned to Mr. Hawkes that AHTC had to terminate the CPG contract early because it was the ruling PAP.

Mr Hawkes said that the CPG appointed by the PAP had legal obligations.

He also said that AHTC "was obviously worried" about the major accounting termination of FMSS, forholding $ 250,000 in fees, which shows that it was not satisfied with its services. But FMSS lawyer Leslie Netto disputed this and claimed that there was no "perfect contract".

Another question Mr. Netto made to Mr. Hawkes was that AHTC and FMSS maintained the estate well. Mr Hawkes, however, has repeatedly expressed concern about the management of the city council. "Hougang many times, often, not my place, suggests that this is a Mad Max style of wasteland," says Mr. Netto at a point, referring to the film about the Dystopian future.


The PwC partner, hired by PRPTC to investigate AHTC's books

While PwC reported that AHTC chose higher-priced entrepreneurs who reported more to the city council, defense attorney Chelva Rajah said it was justified.

In the event that the contractor took over the maintenance of the waste slides and shuttles, the low-cost company told AHTC that it had no resources for extra work. Mr Goh replied that these reasons were not included in the tender evaluation report.

The defense lawyer turned to Mr Leslie Netto Goh that the PwC report was "prejudicial" and ignored other issues than the political nature of city councils. Mr Goh disagreed and stated that the report was based on all available evidence.

Mr Netto said that the PwC report was speculative when he stated that FMSS would be appointed for a later call for proposals.

Mr. Goh pointed out that other service providers turned to city councilors but refused them and because the application was canceled, these companies might have the impression that it was not worth making a bid.

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