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HIV, syphilis outbreak in western Saskatchewan: Health Authority

Healthcare treats sexually transmitted diseases in some parts of the Midwest of Saskatchewan.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority has declared the spread of syphilis and cases of HIV infection in North Battleford in the Battleford and Lloydminster areas.

It says that while HIV is spread primarily through injecting drugs and sharing needles, it can also be contracted through unprotected sex.

The onset of syphilis is due to unprotected sex.

Dr. Mandiangu Nsungu, head of medicine for health, reports that 15 new cases of HIV infection have occurred in North Battleford over the past few months.

He said that Battlefords and Lloydminster had 42 cases of syphilis each month and less than seven new cases occur each year in the last five months.

Nsungu said on Friday, "We want to know how the public is aware of the risks associated with this infection and how they can prevent and treat it.

"HIV and syphilis are treatable diseases. People with STDs should be aware of their status on HIV and syphilis. Knowing your status can provide treatment and reduce the risk of spreading the disease. You can help. "

Nsungu says that many people with sexually transmitted diseases, such as syphilis or HIV, have no symptoms.

He said that the test is free and confidential and can be done by a doctor, a nurse practitioner, a walker or a sexual health clinic.

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