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Lee is detained in Jakarta and then returns home.


Lee has been detained for two days in Jakarta, Indonesia and returned to Korea.

Lee visited Jakarta on November 3rd as part of a fan meeting tour, including a visit to Japan in August and a visit to Taiwan and Thailand in September.

He was scheduled to fly for Korea the next day, but he and his team were not allowed to leave.

(A-man project)

The detention of the actor in Jakarta was revealed through the post of Instagram on the 19th. "(All of the staff) I am currently tied up in Jakarta, and we have been detained since yesterday," he said.

Lee's agency, the A-man project, proposed an update on the situation Tuesday morning in an official statement.

"Lee Jong-sook's schedule for returning to South Korea has been postponed due to improper handling by the executives. (Korea Event Organizer) 24. Thankfully, the Indonesian Embassy is currently learning."

The statement revealed that the reason for the detention was due to the illegal business activities of Yes24, including the failure to pay taxes and the failure to obtain a work visa.

The local contractor also said he did not provide a consistent explanation of the situation.

"It was the first time that the local tax authorities had been detained for unexpected taxes in Example 24. The actors and their passports were confiscated." "However, it has been reported in local news hours that 24 hours after the example did not apply for a short-term work visa."

The A-man Project announced that legal action will be taken through Yulchon, a law firm based in Gangnam, southern Seoul.

"The agency will take legal action with Yulchon and a lawyer acting on behalf of the management and local promoters, apologizing for any concerns that the legal action will be resolved (through law firms)."

Lee was the youngest male model to walk the runway at Seoul Fashion Week in 2005. The model switched to a screen in 2010 and played a major role in the TV series "Prosecutor Princess" and horror film "Ghost." As an actor, he made a breakthrough in the hit series 'Secret Garden', which was aired from late 2010 to early 2011.

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