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Lost Disney movies, the predecessor of Mickey Mouse, found in Japan, East Asian news and major articles


When Yasushi Watanabe bought cartoon films from high school students in Osaka, Japan, decades ago, he did not know that he was buying anime history.

But a humble reel he bought for 500 yen (today's $ 4.40) was a character that brought the creation of Mickey Mouse with a rare lost comic book by Walt Disney.

This discovery was reported daily in Asahi Shimbun, Japan, which contacted Watanabe after reading a book about the Disney character "Oswald the Lucky Rabbit" made in the 1920s.

When Disney created a character with a big ears and button nose, he lost his rights to another company and developed a new cartoon character, Mickey Mouse.

In this book, seven of the 26 short films featured by Walt Disney's Oswald were missing, and Watanabe remembered her childhood reel.

It was written in Japanese as "Mickey Manga Spide" (in English, Speedy Mickey Cartoon) and featured dog police on a motorcycle chasing Oswald and his girlfriend in the car.

Along the valley and along the road, as the speed of the delta rises, the characters and vehicles are stretched and shrunk. Asahi later reported using techniques commonly found in Disney works.

The newspaper contacted the authors of the book and the Walt Disney Resource Center and confirmed that Lee was one of the missing films originally titled "Neck".

"I am absolutely delighted to learn that there is a copy of the lost movie," said Becky Cline, director of the archive.

"Because I have been a Disney fan for many years, I am happy because I was able to play a role in discovery," added Watanabe, an 84-year-old animation researcher at the time.

His childhood purchases are now kept in the Kobe Planet Film Archive, and another film in the Toy Film Museum in Kyoto, which shows 50 seconds of the same manga, was unearthed.

In 2014, the Norwegian National Library announced that it discovered a comic book that thought the Wall Street Disney (Oswald) cartoon was lost.

The comic titled "Empty Socks" was the first Christmas movie made by a big American heavyweights and was found at a library facility near the Arctic Circle.

One year later, another short film starring Oswald was found in the UK and screened in 87 years.

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