Saturday , June 3 2023

Tennis News – Grass Tennis Association face down £ 7.5m loss, involved in down-tennis


In addition, the national operating agency lost £ 4.7 million last year and £ 1 million in 2016, and may need to close its regional offices, the report said.

The LTA made a profit of £ 1.2m in 2015 and clearly has a reserve of £ 140m.

The lack of financing was partly due to a decline in Wimbledon profits. A new roof is being built at Court One in Wimbledon. The roof will be completed next year.

According to the BBC report, sport participation declined by nearly 10% compared to 2017.

The LTA spokesperson said, "The LTA is looking for a new vision and a place where it can have the greatest impact to meet the needs of fans, athletes, coaches and stadiums throughout the UK."

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