Wednesday , June 7 2023

The doctor said that joints can be most easily damaged.


Медики рассказали, какие суставы легче всего повредитьNot all joints of the body are equally strong.

VIB-UGent researchers have found that Isabelle Cambré and Dirk Elewaut of the inflammation research center are biomechanical forces that cause major joint damage. In order to draw conclusions, scientists examined bone erosion due to inflammation.

Scientists have identified certain "hot" points in the musculoskeletal system where inflammation and joint erosion are frequent. These places are particularly sensitive to mechanical stress and describe the clinical picture of the patient's injured joint.

Research has found that scientists have mechanisms that involve the release of inflammatory mediators. Among them, chemokines are released in response to mechanical stress.

"Our results greatly outline the clinical picture of the heterogeneity of joint inflammation in joint arthritis and joint damage, and we are now trying to identify the main ways in which it contributes to inflammation," scientists say.

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