Wednesday , September 28 2022

You can leave Earth with a new outbreak in the sun.


Нові спалахи на Сонці можуть залишити Землю без зв язку

Solar activity can cause damage to satellites.

Scientists have discovered that the sun is a huge hole that can cause a powerful geomagnetic storm. The natural phenomenon will involve the failure of other equipment, including satellites in orbit, and report referring to world news.

The flow of solar material is expected to head right into the ground. When a hole in the coronal plane is thrown into outer space, many particles are thrown. Because our planet is closer to the sun, the particles surely reached the Earth's magnetic field. All types of northern lights.

According to the weather forecast, the probability of a geomagnetic storm is 30%. People will see the northern lights from Maine to Washington (USA).

People are protected from the solar system (the planet's magnetic field), but every time space equipment is adversely affected. As a result, GPS, mobile network signals, and satellite TV may have difficulty. In addition, the current standard of the power line can be increased, so that the plant will lose a certain amount of power.


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