Wednesday , December 2 2020

Adidas has launched this site since the 1990s. We sell the latest collection of sneakers.

It seems that the 80s and 90s style of fashion is going around. Puma, Nike or Reebok, and even reflects the design of the website.

Adidas, the German giant, with its original Originals fashion, has been moved online as well as on the desk. The current and latest versions of the Yung Series are available at modern time. 1996/1997 Also reflected in the design of online stores.

This website shows everything that was prevalent at the time. Colors, WordArt headlines, flashing click keys, and a variety of moving animations. You can maximize discomfort on your pages.

Sneakers with tickets

The last adidas devised a sneaker that provided travel tickets at the ADC Europe Awards Grand Prix at the Creativity Festival. Limited adidas sneakers began to be sold in Berlin on January 16. Berlin was waiting for shoppers two days before the release of the collection.

For some reason, 180 euro worth of sneakers will charge an annual subscription to urban transport worth 728 euros a year. Another reason is that non-traditional designs and functions have attracted enthusiastic enthusiasts to collect such unique sneakers. Or speculators who bought sneakers to sell them at a fairly high price.

Thanks to Adidas, Snapchat was also created.

Adidas decided to use the Snapchat Social Network to promote their new collection of sneakers. In addition to advertising, there are videos on the platform and you can also sell limited edition shoes directly. According to foreign sources, this collection sold out within 24 hours.

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