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Astronomers have discovered black holes that move at incredible speed.


The black hole is probably the most interesting target in the entire universe (at least as we know it today). They are huge, unknown, mysterious, and none of them can escape. But as they look very fast, he writes: IFL Science.

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There are quasars around the black hole several times larger than the black hole radius (10 ~ 10,000 times). It is driven by an attached disk around the black hole. They are generally found in young galaxies and are one of the most energetic, strongest, and most energetic objects in the known universe.

Their energy can be a thousand times that of our galaxy. Today we know more than 200,000 quasars at a distance of 600 to 288 billion light years. Some can also be watched on amateur equipment (3C 273).

Almost the speed of light

Astronomers observed a total of five quasars surrounding a huge black hole. Their weight is 160 to 500 million times the mass of the sun, and is 9.8 to 10.9 billion light years away. Quasars are believed to be induced by attachment of a substance to a black hole. Since light can not escape over the horizon of a black hole event, quasar radiation is caused by the tremendous friction of matter that reaches the black hole.

NASA / CXC / University. Dai et al., Oklahoma / X.

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NASA and SpaceX want to rewrite the history of astrophysics. In the coming year they will explore the unknown secrets of the universe

However, the observed Quasar was surprised at a tremendous rate when one of them reached 70% of the speed of light. The horizon of the black hole had to move very close to the speed of light. The remaining four quasars moved about half the speed. So far I have not assumed it can move. Rotate too quickly.

Quasars emit X-rays that are not visible to the naked eye (they emit visible light). Usually they are red, which means we are far away and the universe is expanding and still moving away (blue radiation is the opposite).

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