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Barbora spoke of all the women who refused to marry!


Do you belong to a group of happy friends, half of whom are married and half are surrounded by wedding plans? In this case, most people say they do not want to go out without wasting paper and live a happy life. But is that really so? We think the speaker Barbora Rakovska accurately portrayed it in connection with the wedding.

In early September Krajcirova Rakovska became Rakovska Miss. When the moderator told her politician Ľuboš Krajčíř, on Day D, Barbora looked really beautiful like every woman dreamed dream. For Sharm but for the blonde she admitted that she did not want the bride all the time.

Barbora Raskovska

She always said that the wedding was useless.

Before writing with her husband, Barbora was Slovak singer Tomi Popovič and eight years old, along with her beautiful daughter Ami. I was even more shocked by the fact that she had never used a wedding until she knew her. "I am 32 years old and in my previous relationship I always said that I do not need to get married. He said.

Barbora Raskovska

Bit of truth

As a result, words come from the truth that many women do not want to admit. "By claiming that we do not want to be convinced of the wedding and her ruthlessness, we sometimes justify ourselves that our partner has not asked for a hand" Barbora sincerely admitted to appearing to be a daughter in her room, waiting for a wedding ring sometime after midnight.

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Barbora Raskovska

Never say anything.

Today, Barborka knew what marriage meant to be meaningless, but she changed her mind. "Today I will not say that a wedding is useless, we must never speak to whom we meet, what happens to us, and how love sucks us in. You should not push it back. " She added that she is one of the busiest women in Slovakia.

source : Siam | Picture : Instagram / barborarakovska

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