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Bezo: Someday it will not fail in the Amazon.


Decide by focusing on customer needs.

Amazon's CEO, Jeff Bezos, was amazed at the company's traditional encounter with the company's future. According to him, the Amazon certainly fails one day.

The courageous argument is based on the view that the life cycle of large companies is about 30 years. Amazon has been on the market since 1994, which means it's already over 24 years old. Benjo simply does not think his company is big enough to fail.

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The shares of technology companies have experienced the worst day since 2011.

He predicted when the bankruptcy would take place. He is trying to slow down the direction of the company's philosophy, not the company itself. This incident begins on the day Amazon starts to get more attention as a customer.

One success replaces the success of the other.

The expression of Bezosos is not only disappointing in light of Amazon's current achievements. California Since Apple became the second company in September this year The value exceeded one trillion. US dollars (881 billion euros).

Amazon also recorded last quarter. Record gain. It is not only a surge in online sales, but also a massive success in cloud services.

Bezos Executive Director is the most billionaire in the world. The wealthiest person in modern history. In addition to Amazon, Blue Space owns the well-known Washington Post.

First wrinkle of forehead

According to unaffiliated Amazon employees, one of the most valuable companies in the world is concerned about possible government regulation and antitrust laws. This was confirmed when Bezos himself declared that some kind of control was justified by some sort of large agency.

US President Donald Trump has already spoken with Amazon. He posted on the Twitter social network. donate He criticized the company's business model. They use this country's postal system as their delivery service without making a tax at least and without even paying taxes.

This tool was used for machine learning. He preferred male candidates (illustration).

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I have helped Amazon software with the recruitment of people. He learned to discriminate against women.

The Trump Administration is said to have scrutinized possible antitrust laws and violations by Amazon. A similar problem is facing companies in the European Union and Japan.

Amazon is expected to reach 48% of online sales across the US this year and is expected to decline 5% last year. However, Amazon itself claimed that engaging in a variety of industries is responsible for only 1% of the global retail market share.

Unstoppable growth

Amazon officials are also concerned about the rapid expansion of the company and the rapid increase in its workforce. Stock prices have more than quadrupled since 2013 and the number of employees has already exceeded 600,000.

Still, they plan to make a pair. New headquarters. One is in Arlington and the other is in New York. Both sites will offer approximately 25,000 new jobs.

As to the problem of extending Amazon's existence, Bezos finally expressed himself with some humor. The longest running company on the market is just a brewery, which tells a lot about our company as a whole.

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