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Diagnosis that it freezes: pancreatic cancer is picking out more and more Slovakians.

As the oncologist points out, early diagnosis saves lives. On Thursday, November 15, I recall the World Pancreatic Cancer Day.

Picture of the article frozen picture Diagnosis: More and more pancreatic cancer is found.

Pancreatic cancer has very bad prognosis and epidemiology
We expect this second diagnosis to be the second highest by 2030.
Death due to oncology disease. The biggest problem is her.
Nonspecific symptoms, mainly nausea, loss of appetite,
Fatigue leads to a late diagnosis. "It can be developed.
They can no longer be treated with surgery, "they said on Wednesday
Slovak oncologist.

"According to statistics Slovakia is fourth
Number of new cases diagnosed
3rd in male pancreatic cancer and male deaths
With this diagnosis,
Source: Patricia Kramarova
Slovakian epidemiology and immunization society. Therefore, Slovakia
Join the European cancer platform in 2014

The key is early diagnosis.

In Slovakia, awareness of the risk of pancreatic cancer has spread.
Patient organization No Cancer and Civic Association Europacolon
Slovakia. They are the World Pancreatic Cancer Day (November 15)
Campaign with slogan. "We demand more.
life "
. Above all, the goal is to uncover illness and support.
Early diagnosis of him.

"Early diagnosis can save lives."

The oncologist at the National Institute of Oncology (NIA) in Bratislava pointed out.
Štefan Pörsök. He approached risk factors for pancreatic cancer.
Smoking, alcoholism, chronic pancreatitis and obesity. more
Chronic Biliary Disease, Gastric Ulcer and Migration
Stomach surgery. "The most common occurrence of the disease
We are about 70 years old, but it happens at a much younger age.
We also have a 40 year old patient. "
Pörsök says. gene
Less than 10% of pancreatic cancer cases are related.

Later symptoms

"At the end of last year, I found my sister to be yellow.
Snow white. The next day I went to the doctor 2 hours later I
Examination of the blood and sono diagnosed the tumor in the pancreas "

I recall patient Katka. In six months he was treated with chemotherapy and in July
According to doctors, surgery was begun to get sick.
Bad. The reddening of the glasses' face later
Symptoms of the disease. "Among later symptoms
Dark urine, migraine pain, venous thrombosis, or
diabetes. "
Pörsök added.

NOU Jozef Dolnik's Onco surgeon is a surgeon
Only the fifth patient can go. "Others
Metastasis or surgery may not prolong life or tumor.
Technically, we can not remove patients without harm. on
Surgical treatment and chemotherapy can be combined with early diagnosis.
The patient survives the longest. Katka was a special occasion.
Despite the advanced stages, we were undergoing surgery.
She was young. Otherwise, I was healthy and was a child. "
He explained. Katarina
The symptoms are now alleviated and symptoms have disappeared. main
The reason she was able to deny statistics is positive.

Purple lighting

Thursday, November 15 Pancreatic Cancer World Day
Fifth, Slovak monuments and world monuments are purple.
Place. For example, in Slovakia, the SNP Bridge in Bratislava, UFO, Trnava Town Hall,
Andreja Bagara Theater in Nitra, St. Petersburg in Košice Elizabeth Cathedral, Mestsky
Prešov or offices and award towers of various companies and businesses.
"For a few hours, it turns into a purple symbolically.
West Terrace of Bratislava Castle "
Notify Patrik
Herman, founder and one of the ambassadors of Europacolon Slovakia.

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