Thursday , March 30 2023

Energy experts crack: The new system can keep heat from summer to winter


Photo Chalmers University of Technology

Swedish scientists from renowned technical colleges have made important moves towards creating molecules that can store heat in the summer for later use. In the winter, you can save heating. Also, without generating additional emissions.

We first heard about this molecule about a year ago when this molecule was suggested by experts to have storage capacity for us. Sun energy.

Molecules made of carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen have unique characteristics because they transform into energy-rich isomers (molecules of the same atom) when they make contact with sunlight, but they are interconnected in different ways " Introduction to the best university site in Sweden Chalmer.

This isomer is based on the available information Liquid Can be used as a special cartridge. Ten battery. Solar energy will be filled through solar panels. Or will be available for a day, after sunset, or through the solar panel as already mentioned. winter. Time does not play an important role here. The heat will remain ready for use, 18 years old.

This scientific progress can be very much visible because we have not yet had such a thing. important milestoneThis leads the energy industry forward again. You have to wait for the final step of the research required to prepare the molecule. sharp week. Commercial use of the system may be expected. Up to 10 years.

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