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Hockey League Video Direct Transfer Tip: HC Košice


Start online transfer:
13. 11. 2018, 17:30


0: 0, -: -, -: –

Steel Stadium, Košice

statistics :

judge : Tomas Orolin, Daniele Rencz – Rastislav Gajan, Norbert Muzsik – Rudolf Lauff.

List of KOS:

Habal – McDowell, Dušan, Čížek, Šedivý, Koch, Pulli, Žitný, Lenik – Haščák, Brophey, L. Nagy – Netík, Suja, Kafka – Siplar, Galamboš, Šoltés – Hričina, Klíma, Petráš

ZIL list:

Mikoláš – Kučný, Turian, Dubeň, Bagin, Pastor, Matejka, Dlugoš – Barta, Podešva, Balej – Jenčík, Surovka, Ru. Huna – Húževka, J. Ručkay, Síkela – Milý, Rehák, Hrazdíra


31:35 min

The game must attack the video. Let's see how this situation develops. But the goal will be added until a larger cartridge is encountered.

31:35 min

Interesting situation of Steel Arena! The visitors were puck at the front but the team was able to see the referee before the lightning bolt. The launch of Matej was apparently before this blackout, and the fool caught up behind Habal.

31:08 minutes

It was his first game against Zilina, but the home team was able to free himself after the bull. The guests launched another attack off target.

30:58 minutes

HC Košice (player bench – 2 minutes, too many players on ice). Spiel receives a penalty.

30:34 minutes

Passing to a quick attack area, Millie showed a good sweep, but his ending ended just above the Koshika Gate, so the house could be excited.

29:52 min

Another good co-operation of the home team in the assault area, Petras pulled the puck in front of the visiting goal but his ending at an angle was not correct. However, Žilina is still feeling pressure.

29:41 min

He will again be defeated in Zilina's defensive area as Mikolaš stopped the game before the poor Suja.

29:10 minutes

In the end, the good co-operation of the home-hockey players was Netík, but when he could not catch Kafka's pass, he could not push himself towards his goal.

28:19 minutes

Košice continues to work, but the home team still does not improve the final step and is waiting for an initial correct match.

27:43 min

The guests are full.

27:36 minutes

This claim is now underlined by a failed shot at Stick Soltas. The puck is at the back of the door.

27:23 min

Miklos, a very unsuccessful combination with home hockey players in a violent situation, did not have to interfere. I do not seem to use this power play at home.

26:43 min

The first half of this figure is already over. Košice attacked behind goal.

26:16 min

This Košice game does not play as it should, so there is a spy in the domestic Tribune. Zillahna arrived at Steel Arena today with a thorough defensive defense.

25:53 min

One-third of home hockey players have power, but the puck failed to open. And Habal won many victories in his goal. Fortunately, for my country, the opponent's chance stopped on time.

25:43 minutes

Excluded from MsHK Žilina (player bench – 2 minutes, too many players on ice). The penalty is a slipper.

25:09 minutes

We watched the home team's quick break but the puck ends only in today's very careful goalkeeper Mikolaji. We are waiting for accurate accurate hit at Steel Arena.

24:29 min

So Zilina has successfully managed the second weakness in this game and the customer is slow to take action on the hockey stick. So my ministers must defend themselves.


The guests are full.

22:39 min

Even an attempted attempt by an experienced Ladislav Nagy did not threaten Mikoláš's goals and Zilina was successfully used again.


Half of this power-up has passed. Funny thing did not hit us. Zilina has managed this weakness so far.

21:46 min

The 1 – 1 coach of Rudolf Huna was happy with the game so far, but just outside the box.

21:29 min

Košiche plays his second match in this match. But they have yet to reach the goal of the opponent.

21:19 minutes

Excluded from MsHK Žilina (Jenčík – 2 minutes, hooking).

21:01 min

Zilina has been holding the puck for a long time, but the transition to offensive territory has not been successful, and she will be out of the game and become an intermediate band.

20:10 min

The middle third of the Steel Arena is already in full swing for Zilina, but you have to set an attack on the goal.

20:01 min

2/3 started.

The two teams are already back in the ice area with the game referee, and two-thirds will start soon!

The first one-third of Košice Steel Aréne did not hurt us in the game and we played home hockey more aggressively for about 15 minutes, but the interesting situation was before two gates. Goalkeeper Mikorashu has to wait at least two-thirds to start at least 18:20 to keep the goal.

20:00 minutes

The first third is over.

19:15 min

The guests are full.

19:01 min

The last minute of the first three minutes continues!

18:46 minutes

Brophey's attempt to shoot was unsuccessful, but Mikolos shot the puck safely. Košice's pressure is great, but his opponent's defense is very careful.

18:15 min

Košice successfully settled in the offensive area, but two good interventions were already assigned to goalkeeper Mikoláš. But Zilina is still waiting for the first third of the circle.

17:23 min

The home team is playing their first game at the end of the third, and immediately after the bull Nagy was twice conceived! But in one case, he did not mix well in a good position.

17:15 min

Excluded from MsHK Žilina (Matejka – 2 minutes, illegal defeat).

17:03 min

Jakub Ruckay got the puck behind the goal and beat him at Sikel, but the first ending ends only at the corner of the slipway. However, Žilina is still able to continue the activity.

16:41 min

But the home team's quick break was born and we had a little confusion in the defensive area of ​​Zilina. Puck ends in Zilina and the game is played in front of goalkeeper Mikoláš.

16:29 minutes

Zilina, who showed the atypical appearance of the game, came home with pressure, and Kosice had to do what she did to avoid sending the other side to a dangerous ending.

15:56 min

Zilina is a good combination of attacking area, but Podešva is coming to the goal, but his end ends with careful goalkeeper footing. The wolf remains in the attack zone.

15:03 min

At the end of the first third of the Steel Arena, we have about five minutes left and are waiting for the initial accurate hit. Let's take a look at what the rest one-third is offering.


Personally, he tried to push the Soltas out of the striker's zone, but he went back to solid defense and defense. The wolves are already trying to attack.

13:28 minutes

After a very long time the home team had to defend themselves, Húževka was dangerously combined with Jakub Ručkay, but it was not the end of Habal goalkeeper.

12:49 min

Zilina can also successfully defend her own band. Košice is currently trying to open the score in this match waving opponent.

12:08 minutes

We are already in the middle of the first third of the game, and we still have not seen the exact hit on one side or the other. This activity used a home stick but Košice still could not improve the ending.

11:16 min

Warning Mikoláša was relieved again, so Šoltés did not write in the shooting range. He will still throw in the defensive area of ​​Zilina.

11:09 minutes

Košice is increasing his activities, but eventually the home team fails, but we are seeing more shootings for Zilina's goals. The wolves still have no nationality.

10:28 min

Mikoláš's great intervention! Košice was still in the attack area, but Netík got a good penetration into the goal through his opponent's defense, but Mikoláš's puck was not received.

10:13 minutes

We were looking for a good home transfer to the attack area, but the opportunity at the threshold of Sujovi was to make Mikoláš safe. The pressure of the home team is still leading.

09:06 min

The image of the game has hardly changed. Hockey players use the puck more often, but they do not succeed in the end. From the customer's perspective, it is very passive, but there is still room to change it all.

08:22 minutes

The home crowd was dismayed when the referee called a penalty for the penalty area. Steel Arena is still in a chamber atmosphere, but it certainly can improve an exciting opportunity.

07:28 min

Action again moves to the home stick but basketball hockey players are still worried about the ending. None of the goalkeepers had to interfere for a long time.

06:58 min

On the other hand, we watched the host team's quick break but Rudolf Huna did not finish. After that, neither the quick attack nor the home team failed.

06:15 min

Kosice could now close the opponent in the field, but it was still at home. But home fans are seeing a change soon.

05:49 minutes

However, as the number of inaccuracies in both sides increases, there is room for alternation. Pressure is hostile, but Zilina's defense is more important.

05:06 min

The five-minute opening meeting at Steel Aréne did not create the exact match and was the closest thing to home hockey players. The game is currently pushed from one side to the other.

04:53 min

The first big chance of this encounter! The Žilina defense has now let Spilara go through Mikoláš goalkeeper aside, but his beton could time out and interfere with the game.

04:39 min

Žilina hurried back and tried to infiltrate the abuser's area. Their attacks are interrupted by the Line Mediator who signals the attack.

04:02 min

Interesting moments from both sides that are more interested in the ending from Rudolf Hun to the home gate. Habal saw everything in a timely manner and stopped working at the košická Steel Arena.

03:10 min

We saw the bull in the home team's defensive area, and the puck on the stick caught the nose and already started the offensive. However, guests are well protected by the intermediate zone.

02:56 min

We now have some inaccuracies on both sides, but we are only in the early stages of the game, so we hope the game will progress at a fast pace. The guest is currently in the puck.

02:06 min

Matejka was very active in front of the home goal but failed to save the puck behind Habalov. But the most serious situation in the game was born after a quick break from Žilina hockey players.

01:10 min

The first few seconds of the attack area were already a guest but now go to goalkeeper Mikoláš. So Košice is more active in the first third of a second.

00:33 min

After that, the home team was successful in the offensive area, but Nagy failed to give Nagy a chance. But Kosice is trying to continue its activities.

00:15 min

One-third of the Steel Arena is already in full swing and is receiving praise from the home team. Košice attempted to move quickly to the assault area, but was not allowed to turn it off.

00:01 min

The meeting just started.

Both teams are already in the ice zone with the game referee, and the first third will start soon. Therefore, I am looking forward to a fun sports experience!

I wish you a fun ice hockey! At the end of the break, the current Steel Arena in Kosice hosts a home team meeting against Zilina. My favorite player is a home hockey player, but of course he decides on the ice region. So let's look at a set of two units. So log in again just before the introduction bull.


HC Košice: Habal – McDowell, Dušan, Čížek, Šedivý, Koch, Pulli, Žitný, Lenik – Haščák, Brophey, L. Nagy – Netík, Suja, Kafka – Siplar, Galamboš, Šoltés – Hričina, Klíma, Petráš

MsHK Žilina: Mikoláš – Kučný, Turian, Dubeň, Bagin, Pastor, Matejka, Dlugoš – Barta, Podešva, Balej – Jenčík, Surovka, Ru. Huna – Húževka, J. Ručkay, Síkela – Milý, Rehák, Hrazdíra

judge : Thomas O'rollin, Daniela Lengz – Rastislav GAZAN, Norbert Rousseau – Rudolf Rope

I welcome all online hockey fans. We will focus on a joint meeting between HC Košice and MsHK Žilina. This game will start at 17:30.

Tip The Port League continues after a break with another meeting and two meetings are held today. This transfer will go to Kosice (Karšice). Here the entire team will welcome the guests of Zilina. The final form of the two teams is not good, so there is a chance to fix the reputation.

HC Košice:
Domestic hockey players have 43 points on their account and are second. But as already mentioned, the last form is not ideal for Košice. Only five of the five games won the home team. I was completely defeated in three games. In other home matches, however, they were already tied for a high win when they beat Nitra 6: 1 on ice.

MsHK Žilina:
You are not enjoying the still calm season yet. They earned 23 points in the account, climbed to 10th place, got a high score, and fought hard to compete in the quarterfinals. During the past five games, Zilina could not win at least once in the regular game time and did not keep the high performance of 2: 6 with Liptovský Mikuláš.

like This meeting should do so. Home team. But do not miss our transmission, decide on the ice!

Welcome to online transfer. The meeting begins at 17:30.

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