Wednesday , April 14 2021

Huawei is also researching smart glasses! They told us when we went to see them.

Glasses that support extended reality are not music of the distant future. We will be waiting for them in the next few years!

We've heard from many sources that Apple is making special glasses with extended reality support. But this California company is not the only company that can bring us smart glasses. I recently learned that Huawei's competitors are doing something.

It formula We have confirmed Richard Yu, Huawei Consumer Product Manager.In an interview with CNBC TV last night, Richard Yu announced that smart glasses will provide a whole new level of "user experience." Even the music of the distant future can not be heard. Huawei plans to introduce them for up to two years.

Richard Yu, Huawei Consumer Products Division Director – Maurizio Pesce

Enhanced reality glasses can be a product that will change the entire technology industry. In the real world you see your glasses, Add a virtual object, It's very much like a mobile app that supports enhanced realism.

Even though it seems to be somewhat futuristic, it is not really new. Five years ago, Google introduced its own smart goggles to connect to smartphones. Due to high pricing and underdeveloped technology, we were not very popular and we eventually stopped developing. But nowadays, the enlarged glasses could have prepared the market better. Something so similar is clearly understood. Now it's just a question of whether a technical giant would present these glasses as their first glasses.

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