Wednesday , February 8 2023

Local election probation is ongoing.


Local elections are held on November 10th, with voting at 6021 polling stations.

The Saturday municipal election campaign is over and the election moratorium is in progress. During that time, campaigning is absolutely forbidden. This ban also applies on election day. Posting a poll for almost two weeks is prohibited.

Local elections are held on November 10, and polling stations can vote at 6021 polling stations. Markets, markets and agents should select 2926 municipalities, including Bratislava and Kosice. More than 4 million people vote. SR citizens as well as foreigners can vote. The preferred candidate is cast on the ballot by the voter.

You must carefully read the ballot before submitting your voice to the voter's preferred MP. The maximum number of members that can vote in this district. In the case of the market, they only choose one candidate.

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