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Mayor tries to move National Tennis Center project. The union objected.


Popradska's local projects do not belong.

KOSICE. Kosice Municipality opened a debate in opposition to the construction of the National Tennis Center (NTC) in the area of ​​the Popradská Street area of ​​Košice where residents have a football stadium around the home.

At this meeting, future neighbors' concerns about noise on sports issues were mainly concerts, but parking spaces were scarce and traffic was concentrated.

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The market wants to find a new location.

The first part of the meeting proceeded directly in the area of ​​planning construction, and after an hour, the speaker moved to the autonomous city building.

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The Slovak Tennis Association (STZ) conference was held with local residents, city leaders and some city representatives.

They also invited experts to draft the blamed project.

As soon as the discussion started, Mayor Košíc Jaroslav Polaček (Independent) said that Popradska's NTC project, which is currently under design, is not one.

"But I want to breathe," he said, "I will do everything in my power to defend the Košicea Sports Center."

He added at a council meeting that a councilor will announce the final decision of NTC.

The union opposes the NTC.

According to the general secretary of IGC Igor Moska, unions were not identified as moving this project.

He pointed out that the intention was already a valid territorial ruling and that the union did not choose the Popradská region itself but that it was provided to the village.

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