Wednesday , June 7 2023

Microsoft is developing an inexpensive Xbox that does not have a disk drive.


Microsoft must bring in a new device with no drives next year.

Microsoft says it is developing an "upgraded" version of Xbox One that will be available next spring. But there would be no disk drives to warn

At the same time, a new "disk-digital" service is launched to transmit some titles in digital format. Replace the actual carrier with the virtual key at the selected store.

They are also talking about lower prices. Xbox One X S should be the cheapest model.

Microsoft's X018 game event was held in Mexico City.

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X018 Action: Microsoft found a new trailer and acquired another studio.

A completely new generation of equipment is expected in 2020. According to a recent report Microsoft is working on two versions. New console.

Players no longer need to purchase titles from their stores, but they can also use subscriptions in their forms. Xbox Game Pass. The library has more than 100 titles, and we continue to add more. Now you can test 1 euro for the first month of the time limit.

See also the new version of the live game.

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