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Photo: New BMW 3 Series Touring. More space, more fun and quiet 6-cylinder

BMW 3 Series Touring

BMW officially launched the real estate version of Series 3. Practical solutions, more interior space, improved driving dynamics and powerful engines.

Dynamic design, more fun and thoughtful practical solutions. These are all the details of the new BMW 3 Series Touring. The latest generation of sports wagons can be used in a variety of ways, combining the key characteristics of the BMW 3 Series to a much larger interior and interior than ever before.

It was the BMW 3 Series Touring that headed to a new type of car 32 years ago. In the premium midrange, we now set a new standard for sixth generation, sporting capabilities and cutting-edge versatility. During that time, more than 1.7 million BMW 3 Series touring cars were produced, and more than 500,000 vehicles were on the news. The new BMW 3 Series Touring will be presented at the BMW Group #NextGen event at the world premiere June 25-27, 2019 at the BMW Welt in Munich. Clients from Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand are produced at the BMW factory in Munich. The vehicle will be launched on September 28, 2019.

Appearance Design: Dynamically Proposed Travel Ratio

Design language with strong ratios defined as sharp lines and noticeable surfaces. Dimensions were 4701 millimeters in length, 1872 millimeters in width, 16 millimeters in width, and 76 millimeters in height from 11 millimeters to 1,440 millimeters. The wheelbase has been extended from 41mm to 2,851mm. Plus 43 mm has a front (1 587 mm) gauge and a 21 mm wider rear gauge (1 604 mm).

Just as with the new BMW 3 Series sedan, the road's car stance uses a large BMW kidney grille, a narrow double headlight and a finely bumped front bumper to finish the front. This accustomed look is enhanced with attractive horizontal T-shaped overhangs that rise to the contours of the headlight and air intake (standard vehicle and Sport Line and Luxury Line models). As standard for the new BMW 3 Series Touring, you can request full LED headlamps, LEDs with enhanced functionality, adaptive LED headlamps with BMW Laserlight technology with blind-spot headlamps, and 530m or front LED fog lights.

Interior: modern with premium touch

Operator-centric cockpit handling, Control Display centered on less functional panels, and reassembly of dashboards or drivers. All of this adds a new sporty atmosphere to the interior of the new BMW 3 Touring. As a standard feature, the newly formed leather overlayed a sports multifunctional steering wheel with inches and metal-plated accessories.

Newly formed seating increases comfort. The shoulder portion has grown considerably, and the new model offers more headroom than any seat's predecessor. The rear seat welcomes passengers who are more comfortable as well as easier access. Three child seats are easily fitted in the back seat, two of which are available with Isofix anchor points.

Motorized boot covers are standard on the new BMW 3 Series Touring. Convenience access on request provides a touch-free opening and closing function. The rear window opens separately, allowing it to be liked among BMW owners. But the open model is 20 millimeters wider than the starting model. The load opening is 112 millimeters wider, 30 millimeters higher, the loading edge slightly lower (616 millimeters high), and the step between the loading edge and the trunk floor reduced from 35 mm to 8 mm. The towing device electronically retracts on request. The new BMW 3 Series Touring's luggage compartment will carry 500 dm3 of cargo, which is 5 dm3 more than the previous seat when all seats are occupied and the total available volume increases by 32 dm3. Therefore, after folding 40: 20: 40 seats, the total volume can be increased to 1,500 dm3. The back seat back can be folded in the trunk room upon request. They are now in a newly placed panel on the right side of the trunk room. The trunk room cover is located beneath the floor with detached nets. The slip-on rails at the bottom of the trunk on request are a new feature of the new BMW 3 Series Touring with no competitors. When the luggage compartment lid is closed, the rails automatically expand so that the baggage will not move freely around the luggage compartment.

Start selling with six powerful and economical engines

Three gasoline and three diesel engines will take place in the new BMW 3 Series Touring from the start of sales or several weeks after launch. The BMW M340i xDrive Touring is powered by a six-cylinder petrol engine with 275 kW (374 hp) output with excellent power characteristics. The gasoline engine is complemented by the BMW 320i Touring's four-cylinder 135kW (184 horsepower) engine and the BMW 330i Touring's 190kW (258 horsepower) pair. The diesel engines are the BMW 318d Touring and the BMW 330d xDrive Touring powered by an inline six-cylinder 195kW (265hp) engine and the two-cylinder four-cylinder 110kW (150hp) diesel engine.

The four-cylinder diesel engine of the BMW 318 Touring and the BMW 320d Touring comes standard with a six-speed manual transmission on request with an eight-speed Steptronic automatic transmission (available as standard in all other versions). Powerful all-wheel drive Intelligent all-wheel drive is the standard feature of the most powerful gasoline and diesel engines, with BMW 330i xDrive Touring (combined fuel consumption: 6.6 – 6.3 l / 100 km, combined CO2 emissions: 151 – 143 g / km) (Mixed fuel consumption: 4.9 – 4.6 l / 100 km, combined CO2 emissions: 129 – 121 g / km). All versions meet Euro 6d-TEMP emission standards. For the first time in 2020, the hybrid version of the rechargeable plug-in will extend the range of the BMW 3 Series touring models.

Better driving, experience is bigger.

Extremely precise response to instructions and a comfortable ride at long distances. These are the result of a consistent driving pleasure process in body and chassis development. The ruggedness of the bodywork of the new BMW 3 Series Touring has increased by 25 per cent for generations and up to 50 per cent in some areas. Compared to the whole body, the chassis mount is much harder. The new BMW 3 Series Touring has a low center of gravity and a 50:50 weight distribution on the axle. The exterior dimensions are increased, the standard equipment is richer, the durability is improved, the soundproofing is improved, but the innovation is lighter up to 10kg. Modified aerodynamics reduces the drag coefficient of the CD to 0.27 (BMW 320d Touring).

The standard suspension (as well as the M Sport suspension) includes a new shock absorber that first appeared in the BMW models. They make an important contribution to the balance between quality and comfort that a competitor can not achieve. It is a feature of the BMW 3 Series Touring. Smooth adjustments can adjust the dampers' stiffness according to their spring strokes, reducing body movement while absorbing vibrations when driving on uneven roads or in dynamic cornering.

The M sports suspension with a 10 mm reduction in ground clearance is complemented by electronically controlled adaptive M silencers of optional components. Both versions provide customers with the benefits of the latest sports management with easier and more accurate emotions. In addition, 4 sports M sports front brakes with fixed calipers are available upon request. The blue caliper has the M logo, and the M Sport Sports Rear Differential is also standard on the BMW M340i xDrive Touring. For the BMW 330i Touring, BMW 330i xDrive Touring and BMW 330d Touring, the M Sport's self-locking differential with M Sport or Adaptive M Adaptive Suspension is available as an on-demand option. Electronic full displacement automatic locking system provides traction, Improves stability and dynamism.

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