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Social Facilities Checks: Grants forgery and abuse – Home – News


17.07.2019 14:45, Updated: 14:49

Repeated counterfeiting of actual customer attendance forfeit, reduced staffing by lunch time or lack of service is one of the findings of the MLSAF in June and July of 124 out of the various types of social services. Of these, 52 were day care centers. Secretary of State Branislav Ondruš said it on Wednesday.

Video: Minister of Labor and Social Affairs
The Branislav Ondruš family talk about check results every day.
It is primarily for the elderly or disabled.

The goal was to check compliance with the Terms of Use. Provided by the state
Subsidies for facilities.

Bring test results closer to a specific device
Non-profit organizations such as Bella Vita, Hugold,
Facilities of Bátorové Kosihách. He considers positive examples.
Nitra, Veľké Ludince a facility inspection results
Sv. Vincent De Paul. We have found the most common mistakes.
Non-public institutions and nursery school employees
This provider is often a family member. We just got to them.
Ondruš could not figure out when they were working and what they were doing.

"The resort will thoroughly evaluate the evidence it has and in many cases
I will head to the Attorney General of the Slovak Republic. Related submissions.
I suspect that you have committed a fraud. "
Minister. Where the forgery is found, the Department resigns immediately.
You will be asked for a refund for false charges.
Reported customers. The resort also wants to switch to a higher territorial unit.
(VCPC) with regard to strengthening control
Violation of registration conditions. "The registration point is VICC,
They have a legal obligation to monitor.
In the past, the conditions of child care centers have been strengthened.

Ondruš is a member of the Association of Social Service Providers,
In the Slovak Republic, the public can not accept
Suppliers still do not complain about the state or local authorities.
Financial Social Services. In 2020, the state will spend about $ 20 million
Provide more to social workers. "We do not see them.
Interest in working with the sector, for example when setting ethical rules
Self-control in this environment, "Ondruš said.
According to him, the check showed that non – public institutions have more relationship with each other.
Tells the control to be public.

Difficulty in operating small-scale municipal facilities
He said two or three small municipalities would have to join.

In Slovakia there are 1208 social service facilities for 31,175 customers,
MoLSAF SR informed 215 nurseries of them.

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