Tuesday , May 30 2023

Superstar Barbora Piešová made her name on the album in a completely different way than before. She needed a fire truck and protective clothing


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Singer Barbora Piešová announced her debut project. It was invented in a way like never before during the pandemic.

The winner of this year’s Superstar has already released his debut album, which you can listen to on streaming service or order from Luca Up. A project called I’ma Phlegmatic is a popular event mainly for optimists, but fans have to wait for the live to be heard. However, the author did not want to wait for an official baptism until the action was announced, so she decided on a different trip.

Due to her long-term positive relationship with the firefighting profession, she combined joy and usefulness and gave her name to the album with the help of a fire truck.

“We all know the situation. I wanted to be baptized for the album at least once. When I was 15, I ran for a volunteer fire brigade at the Kani Anka contest. So I asked what I could do to help, and we had previously I decided to name the album like no one had ever done.” Instagram powered by Barbora Piešová.

He also added that no one was injured while filming the video. “For Hayer and the conspirators, we carried out everything safely under supervision so nothing happened to anyone. It’s now for fun and appreciation thanks to the voluntary fire brigade who often helps in small towns like Poruba, Kanianka, etc. In this situation “ Add singer. But there is more to the video itself.

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