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The Christmas calculator is calculated by the pensioner's social insurance company calculation calculator


The maximum amount is 100 Euros.

November 6, 2018 at 11:15 am

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Bratislava. The Social Insurance Agency has a calculator that allows the pensioner to calculate the Christmas allowance. According to Peter Višváder's spokesperson, this calculator is available on the social insurance website.

"The calculator is simple to use, and pensioners write down the pension amount or the amount of the individual pension they receive," he said. If the pensioner's Christmas bonus is included, the calculator will display the Christmas allowance and the final one-off amount on the calculator.

read : The pensioner will still receive the Christmas Retirement Allowance this year.

The one-time Christmas allowance will be paid by the Social Insurance Agency at the end of the year up to EUR 100. The maximum Christmas allowance will be equal to 87.26 euros in the past year and will be received by the pensioner receiving a pension of up to 205.07 euros per month. Pension benefits from € 205.08 to € 572.40 per month include Christmas allowances based on retirement benefits from € 87.26 to € 21.15.

If the total amount of the pension or any pension does not exceed twice the minimum spending, regardless of the payer, 410.14 euros per month, Christmas insurance contributions will be paid this year with an increase of 12.74 euros per year. Christmas allowances do not require a social insurance company to automatically pay all claimants.

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