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Two Royal Wedding of the Year: Which won more?


2018 will be recorded as two royal wedding ceremonies, not one year in history. And since it is time to reach a balance, the two most closely observed events that the monarch family of the British system could avoid were not compared.

Prince Harry and Megan Markal

The fact that the wedding of Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle overcome the "overvaluation" of William and Kate Middleton for seven years has been inferred for several months before her. And I must say that these assumptions are largely accomplished.

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On May 19th Obrad at Windsor Castle looked at the whole world but was surprised at some peculiarities. Thomas Markle could not attend the wedding due to a series of scandals that could reveal the relationship between the bride and the father, and the altar priest brought Harry's father. Prince Charles.

Harry and Megan were also surprised at the relatively intimate hospitality. That is, chamber lane of royal relationship. He was invited to a closed banquet. Only 200 people. For comparison, Prince William had over 600 people at the wedding reception.

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Eugenia Princess and Jack Brooksbank

December: October lovers of romance romance reappeared – their prophet told fiancee Jack Brooksbanko. Princess Eugenia. It was not much known to the royal family, but as expected – there were many more marriage weddings, but it was a report on Thomas and May that the world was watching in many ways.

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Eugenia accidentally left nothing and had a really big day on a big day. At her wedding reception she received up to 850 invitations., They are more than Harry and William at their wedding! To make sure that it was not much, the reception was so booming with a famous celebrity name. Eugenics do not seem to have a lot of friends from the entertainment world.

At the wedding of Harry and Meghan, entertainers were too busy, but Eugenia's male list was not very visible. Let's mention the singer. James Blunt, Robbie Williams, singer Ellie Goulding, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Caru Delevingne, actor Demi Moore and Liv Tyler.

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This year's wedding? Experts are clear.

The British magazine Tatler also participated in a passionate social discussion of the royal wedding for a year. This "Social Bible" will declare a prize for the most prominent event each year and will be nominated for a wedding for two royal families for a few months.

But in this case there was no extreme surprise. The title "The Perfect Wedding of the Year" was expected to marry Harry and Megan. The awards ceremony organizer was also particularly interested. Doria Lagerland, Mother Meghan Markle. The special prize was awarded a special prize for "the person next to the person to sit at the wedding".

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