Saturday , May 28 2022

Waymo can test autonomous vehicles in California without a driver.


Initially, Waymo employees will be in the car, and the test will go on with the general public.

Waymo has been licensed to test autonomous vehicles in California while falling from Google to Alphabet. This time there will be no driver behind the wheel to see the entire ride. TheCarConnection says the car will be able to drive day and night, including speedways.

Testing is conducted at Waymo headquarters. Permits apply to Palo Alta, Mountain View, Los Altos Sunnyvale and other parts. The only hurdle is that autonomous vehicles should not run at speed limits above 65 miles per hour.

Waymo is a leader in auto-sorting vehicles.

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Waymo Autonomous Vehicles caught up with another milestone.

At first, members of the Waymo team will be in the car, but it is expected to be tested among ordinary users. Testing with the driver behind the steering wheel, which supervises traffic volume, has just begun. In California, about 60 different companies applied for similar tests. But in April of this year, we were able to apply for a fully autonomous test that Waymo used.

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