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Green Book –

The film has been nominated for five Oscars and includes best films, best original and best assemblies. Viggo Mortensen can be the best actor in the heroine Mahershall Ali. Photo: IMDb

"The situation in the '60s was terrible."Maybe someone will start from the movie and sigh, and the brutal seclusion these days will calm the sense that the world is no longer practicing. Think about it: a movie about racism that warms your heart! Green Book When complex problems of institutionalized inequalities simplify the level of understanding and sympathy for neighbors,

The film is directed by Tony Vallelongo and "Gofljo", Italian Bronx Chauffeurs, and dark concert pianist Don Shirley. Vallelonga, as a driver and guard, looked around the southern United States in 1962. Director and Screenwriter Peter Parelli, So far we have been mostly stupid comedies (Butt and fool, love is blind.Focus on the scarf at the end of the digestive tract)Film 43, Crazy to Mary), In his breakthrough, among the "earnest" filmmakers, the heart is in the right position. Green Book There is a lack of true witless underestimation. Nevertheless, there is a kind of film that divides the film (at least intrinsically) into "very bad" and "somewhat bad". Very bad The person who uses The word "n" People who are frustrated by their fists and darken their backs "egg" They do not want to leave their wife company alone. On the other hand A less poor person Sub-types of racism – in fact, a cute protagonist with only a pinch of personality growth.

True Tony Gofly is well known as Carmina Lupertazzi in Sopranos and played a minor role in Martin Scorsese's film. Photo: IMDb

This lobby sounds like Tony.Remarks Mortensen), Nightclubs, truck drivers and self guards "Top Loader". Wife Dolores (Linda Cardellini) The two sons are pressed into a small apartment in the Bronx. If you have a chance – "The doctor is looking for a driver" Tony really can not afford to refuse. Go to the conversation at the famous Carnegie Hall apartment. Where "Doctor" ShirleyMahal Sala Ali) Sat in a gorgeous African dress, covered in jewels, on a throne. Pianist group Don Shirley Trio It's a shameful and dignified phenomenon, and if Tony can deliver him at the right time and not hurry for the next eight weeks, he will take good care of him when he returns to New York.

The title is "Green Book", manual Black car driver Green BookIt was a list of hotels, restaurants, shops and barbershops that began between 1936 and 1966. Dark-skinned parties in South America are welcomed. If you can not find it in the movie, you will be offended. Green Book The very familiar book itself, with Tony flashing once, devotes much less attention to the appetite (Mortensen folds the whole pizza and puts it in the same way as a sandwich). So the heart of the story is a journey past the southern attractions – every kilometer is a friend who was born in a green Cadillac, though it was harder and more hostile to a strange pair.

In Golden Globe, Green Book won the best comedy or musical category. Oscars do not distinguish between two major genres, dramas and comedies. Photo: IMDb

And such emotional, emotional This week's movie It is not really wrong if the story of both of them has at least the same weight. Therefore, it is difficult to feel that Farrelly is interested in an exclusive story about how Tony prejudices. He also teaches Shirley how to act as a "true black man." Tell Little Richard and Arethe Franklin how to eat fried chicken"These are your people!") And when he gives him a diplomatic bribe to a white police officer, he shows when to hit. At some point Tony takes all employers seriously. "You who live in the castle and work for the wealthy, Mr. Jubie … I live on the street, you sit on the throne, my world is much blacker than you!" (And this is not the moment when Tony is trying to explain his inclusiveness.)

Shirley is apparently shaken by this objection and should assume that the Italian in the Bronx in 1962 can better understand racial discrimination. And this is at the same time an Italian who is racist in other areas of his life (Shirley's Indian butler is desperate).

Actually, Don Shirley's family has moved away from the film, saying that they are using too much freedom to make real events happen. Photo: IMDb

It is an absolutely incomprehensible decision by screenwriters who are no longer talking about the best artists in a story about two true personalities that have forced his love for Chopin because the audience was expected to show "popular" Related."Similar to Liberace, but better." Shirley sprinkled with his brother, broke his leg behind him, poured a lunatic dinner with a bottle of whiskey, and occasionally uses his education and sophistication as a weapon. "Dignity always prevails" – Motto explains why insults and hate consistently respond to the fullness of silence.

Mahal Sala Ali The image breathes the royal attitude that fears and vulnerabilities can be detected. Outstanding play in many places outperforms the under-rated scenarios. Nevertheless, in all the complex layers of his character, the movie is just a hint. Disclosure of some of his identities in key scenes is unnecessary.

What is most valuable is the secondary role of Oscar. After the Mahershala Moon (2017), the statue will be awarded twice in three years. Photo: IMDb

Mortensen was picked up in the US mafia short film (as well as his Italian accent is not convincing), and although he did not get the Oscar nomination, he still owns a charisma that can not be destroyed. Because of precisely the chemical relationship between the main characters, conversation and interaction are triggered Green Book It may not be very good, but it's a great movie.

Hamming Green Book – The personal level of prejudice and the intimate friendship of two people precisely match the conclusions of the informal and innocent Samaritan Academy Academy that eradicate institutionalized racism or at least offer counterweights for centuries. Chipper Miss Daisy, A fatal accident) This film has several scenes that seriously raise questions about the ways in which racism and class segregation shape an individual's identity. When a green car breaks down in a field treated by a dark-skinned worker, there is no need to say anything. Money and Tony are noticeably uneasy. I can not imagine how life would change because of imminent imminent moments.

However, Farrelly does not rush for too long despite difficulties. The story was better sprinkled with a Christmas dinner that looked like a Norman Rockwell studio scene. It is convenient and moves without a radical attachment to the cross-section of modern society. Black Coolanobu You can buy spikes. Hollywood is a film that can be hung on the shoulder by considering the understanding of the 'adult' and the diverse and comprehensive story about history.

Rating: 3; I write to Ana Jurc.

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