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HaeKyung has increased significantly in the last year


Garden pots, such as old peas, cooking oil candles, recycled felt chairs, and steel slag roads, are some examples of current garbage in Slovenia, and we do not know where they are. However, garbage is not necessarily evil. The idea of ​​transitioning to a new and attractive product in the realm of ecological enthusiasm over the last few years is slowly and constantly permeated by the corporate minds of the world and our country.

Environmental protection as well as pressure and endangered fines

An example of an alien is the American coffee giant. StarbucksThose who have contracted with the Pentatonic in Berlin have bought recliners made from used bottles and coffee pots. Pentatonic produces all of the rubbish-free waste piles and the cycle is "infinite" by reusing the product as a new product and integrating the user into the supply chain. The citizens of Berlin have already made their desks and desks in Starbucks coffee pot. John Bodecker, Pentaton's co-founder sees consumer-friendly garbage disposal solutions for today's "take, use, discard" production models and at the same time seems to be a more profitable alternative to traditional reuse. "We can secure a local source of materials and a rapid information supply chain," he says.

Adidas Worked with Parley to create the New York movement against plastic pollution of the oceans. Adidas predicts that by 2020 all shoes will be made from recycled plastic. V Procter & Gamble Use it to make a bottle of shampoo. Nike The US National Football Team uses yarn for shirts, shorts and socks made from recycled plastic to show the power of recycling. Each jersey uses 16 plastic bottles.

New methods of using organic waste also lead to product development. The group successfully sells cosmetics made from antioxidant resveratrol rich grape skin and residues.

Large brands are increasingly working to reduce waste due to environmental problems, while claiming they are responding to increased pressure and blackmailing fines to reduce waste.

Soap sludge for biofuels, trash birds for better acoustics

Vienna, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Barcelona (including Paris), one of the most innovative metropolises in Europe. The Vienna people collect the maple leaves and turn them into composts and turn them into electricity for the Vienna family through incineration. In town composting on 100,000 tons of arable land, they acquire 50,000 tons of top quality compost suitable for biological farming.

For example, the Dutch chemistry group Avantium opened a demonstration plant this year to obtain glucose from wood chips, a valuable raw material in the chemical industry, to replace the dominant oil for biofuel production.

Finnish Neste is a world leader in diesel fuel for waste and residues, and is testing the possibility of using liquid waste plastics as raw materials for refining fuel. In 2019, industrial production trials are completed and more than 1 million tons of waste plastics are processed by 2030.

The Finnish company EcoEnergySF Oy produces solid biofuels for transportation biogas, pulp and fertilizer processing carbon dioxide and boiler heating.

Two large Spanish Textile Societies and the Italian Marine and Textile Research Institute, both from the Seamatter project, have developed nonwoven fiber structures that can be used as reinforcements for acoustic noise isolation boards.

Rotterdam harbor uses recycled asphalt to "rejuvenate" the raw material from pine processing products.

Dutch branch of nationality Veolia Coffee and other beverage maker Jacobs Douwe Egberts has developed a solution that develops coffee roasting residues to produce the vapors needed for coffee liquor production.

Bio London's beans convert kavo slag to biofuels (which develops biodiesel production) and convert the rest to biomass or fuel. Cambridgeshire has built the world's first coffee recycling plant.

Spanish Institute Aimplas is run by a consortium of four European organizations developing bakery packaging in the baking industry waste.

Italian fashion shoe designer Andrea Verdura uses plant materials as well as recycled fishing net materials. Fishing catch with us in the net Aquafil Slovenia We produce organic nylon.

Murskosobosk scented candles in edible oil

Due to the new life of abandoned products and materials, social enterprises usually deal with us. A year ago I started to sell smelly candle Oilright, better than Murska Sobota. Oilright is manufactured from waste cooking oil manually by people with long lasting mental health problems. They also sell kits that can make their own candles. Sales during the winter were strong in online shops and individual companies, and decreased in summer to strengthen cooperation with stores shower, Which is sold exclusively by scented candles. "The Planets Shower will focus on disposal of waste cooking oil and at the same time promote the sale while promoting the product." Borg Dovnick, Bolje's director, and they also produce candles for customers in Italy and Croatia. "Interest is also shown in Australian organizations and social enterprises in France, which is also a registered collector of waste cooking oil," says Dobnik. Profits will invest in the development of environmentally friendly tomb candles that can be completely repaired with packaging materials. "We are looking forward to tremendous market potential, given the fact that more than 15 million PVC paraffin headlamps are sold each year in Slovenia and negative advertising is getting harder and harder," says Dobnik.

Postojna Distillator: Ballerina of old pants, folder of advertising board

I am leading him at the Postojna Society Destilator. Mazamodrigan, They make valerian from old pants and other abandoned fabrics and packaging (bags) are made from old curtains. It also creates wallets and folders with items made of signboards, handmade paper, and cardboard eggs. "Design and production are Slovenian, and the wastes we process are collected locally. The guides of all our products are material selection and engineering design that emphasizes utility choice, durability and high quality," says Modrijanova, who designs the product.

In collaboration with a company that produces one of their residues, we have developed a new material that introduces some of the production waste. Distillator also offers customized and promotional gifts to its customers. Next year we plan to open an online store and establish a partnership with several Slovenian stores.

Green practices in the Slovenian capital

Ljubljana Regional Waste Management Center (RCERO) At first glance, it shows the mission of the company. The trash can design features hanger, chandelier bottles, palletised walls, meeting tables at the wheel rim, and speaker tables at oil soda. In the center of Ljubljana for separate biodegradation treatments, they obtain the highest quality compost when fermented. They protect the gases used for electricity and heat production. In addition to tiger-grown herbs, it can also be composted for people who bring dishes from porcelain, plastic and metal.

Sustainable practices and experiments are also supported by the Ljubljana city government. Last fall, in the workshop of the Smetumet Society for Cultural and Ecological Studies, elementary school students participated in the renovation and processing of old stools and used stools used by public companies. power In both elementary schools.

In cooperation with the reconstruction society, it is one of the most non-invasive plants, from Japanese jade to botanical garden, Pulp and paper laboratory And Snago made the world's first paper made from bags and laptops and used it as a press release for Snagazin Magazine.

There are 10 reuse centers in Slovenia. The Ljubljana center, which is operated in-house, consists of shops, sewing rooms and repair shops. In two years, product sales increased from an average of 50 to 140 per day. At Repair Cafe, various experts and volunteers advise on repair and product modification once a month.

Flower pots made of peas

At Thinking Evegreen, the processed plastic injection machine produces pollen from peas with excessive arms. The pollen planted in the garden protects the seedlings from parasites, and after 22 weeks it becomes fertilizer and plants do not need fertilizers, the company said. Using the sample tool, you can produce between 10,000 and 20,000 echolones per month. Eva Straser, co-founder of Evegreena, said: "We are preparing to build new and optimized tools that can produce 1.5 million pots per year." This series of pots will be applied to gardeners' requirements and to the planting of saplings. "

Wheat brans, together with the Polish company Biotrem, which produces a certified ecocrack as a food product and uses it in place of plastic plates at events, picnics and restaurants, is discussing the possibility of combining technology with a harmonized look into the market with innovative products. Biotrem, as Straser said, has signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Starbucks to supply its products in the sales line. "

Ljubljana chairs …

Ljubljana company donor In chair production, the use of waste and high-frequency compression are combined with good industrial design instead of adhesives. Stolnik Stolnik received a prestigious red dot design in 2013. Chair Nico Lesser received the same approval on the posters on the Design Europe Competition Design Candidate List. The winner will be announced at the end of November. About 70% of the felt is obtained from recycled plastic bottles.

In addition to recycled plastics for technical products are used in the company Plastica Scuza Also for bioplastics for glasses, plates and containers. "We are building our total production for the furniture and electronics industries and producing our own branded products for home and leisure, and 40% of our recycled or bio-based finished products. Adding that there is no adequate input biomaterial for the electronics and furniture industries.

Coats for the development of products made from recycled materials for the automotive industry

Carinthia Copur There are about 100 employees in the automotive industry who want to be a leader in the research and development of recycled materials with excellent noise, insulation and fire performance. Recycled polyurethane foam and fleece products are used by automobile manufacturers for sheet strength and soundproofing fillers. Sound and insulation are installed in window and door manufacturers, appliances and wooden and stone buildings. Last year, they sold € 10 million in Kopur, up 28% from 2016. Most of Germany (one-third of production) was exported to many European countries and only sold 6% in Slovenia. Copur Director Doosan Oaksec The recycled material description is the same as using the new raw material in the product. "Consumption of its own by-products for new products has a competitive edge, and the foundation is to manage the knowledge and ongoing innovation," Goršek said.

From steelworks to glassware

at work SIJ Acroni In August, it took over the activities of Harsco Minerali, which will be processed by 2013, a by-product of steel production. Processed slag is useful again in construction, road construction and environmental rehabilitation. Last year 200,000 tons of slag from SIJ Acrony was processed at Harsco Minerali and from 2011, 950,000 tons of white and black slag were already produced.

V Articles made of glass Rogaška Acids used as polar compounds for polishing glass are converted from waste into usable materials. Due to environmental policy, Finland's "no waste" Pisca, The owner of the glassware began selling to a German company last year, reducing the amount of waste by 75 tons and significantly reducing the amount of wastewater. "Partners have entrusted us with the fact that this acid is used in the production and galvanizing fields of the plating industry." Tadeja Bolasek Investments in this project in the glass factory have been repaid in six months.

Wooden window

For many years Mora Sora has been developing wood-derived windows for smelter producers' energy-efficient windows. This year, ReWin's "recycled" window was recognized by the Chamber of Commerce and at the same time participated in the European project RecAPPture for mobile and web application development that connects companies with people who want to remove used wood. "We can already produce a series of windows made of wood." Alessandrank. "Of course, the amount of wood needed to produce the wood is still significant." There was some research, but there was no specific reason, says M Sore. "One reason is price, because it is much more expensive to produce reasonable-priced wood and, unfortunately, when we need to pay high prices," M Sori said. He said. soon. "We see the potential in special customer requirements, and above all, there is a demand for used wood in the furniture manufacturing, lining and furniture manufacturing in the overseas markets, and our further activity will lead to this direction," Dolenc said. Added.

When old fabrics get new skins

One of the most important wastes in the world is fabrics. The Dobrote Association of Dravograd is helping people who are doing more with their textile use. They worked with the company to sort the laundry, set up shops, cutters and second-hand clothing storage. Borderless ecologists Textile factories for garment collection, exchange and processing started. Products are sold for washing, repairing, donating or reselling. We develop new products for the market such as recycled fabrics, slippers, moth bags, handbags and laundry machine cloths. "We are seeing the largest market opportunity in the construction and automotive industries for insulation production," says Textile Manager Fear of courage In order to increase visibility and responsiveness in the Slovenian market, we will use the umbrella Slovenian certificate for companies engaged in recycling or recycling economy.

Of course, there is a long way to go into the world of conventional manufacturing methods before using waste materials. Because of the dying source, this is no longer a niche market opportunity and is considered a need for more education to consumers around the world than producers.

look. You will be surprised that everything can come out of the trash.

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