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Poor eating habits and a modern lifestyle that is underweight increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. The disease is unhealthy, but chronic and causes many complications. It is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, blindness and limb loss.

For the quick fulfillment of promises

Diabetes is only recognized in 50% of people. The Diabetes Association of Slovenia and the Association of Cardiovascular Health in Slovenia will link all Slovenian government, non-governmental and professional forces to fulfill the promise of the diabetes control program. And do you have to cut half? According to a study by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), diabetes is recognized in only 50% of people with this disease. Of these, only 50% are treated, only 50% of whom are achieving their treatment goals and only 50% are getting the results they want.

Alojz Rudolf, vice-president of the Association of Diabetes Associations in Slovenia, points out that there are 425 million people diagnosed with diabetes in the world. By 2045 this figure can increase to 629 million. There are about 125,000 people with diabetes in Slovenia and many people do not know that they have diabetes. "We've warned this for years, but we do not enroll patients. Because this disease can not be cured, we can do as much as we can to increase awareness that people are aware of their condition, otherwise there may be complications. "

She will not die of sugar.

Diabetes is a major discipline for chronic noncommunicable diseases, most commonly occurring in modern society, advanced nations, and nearly 10% of the adult population, and the number of patients is rapidly increasing. Two-thirds of people with type 2 diabetes live in urban settings and are between the ages of 20 and 64.

Diabetes mellitus causes about 4.9 million deaths each year, 60% of which are deaths due to cardiovascular disease and complications. "Most people with sugar do not die from sugar, but they die from complications caused by the disease. Type 2 diabetics die from a heart attack, and there are often complications in the legs and all blood vessels following it. If we recognize it, we can treat and treat it and provide a quality life for them, "emph emphasizes. Matthias Sever, Chairman of the Cardiovascular Health Society.

This year, IDF published a worldwide survey of cardiovascular risk perceptions of type 2 diabetes patients. As a result of participating in 12,695 patients, the researchers underestimated the risk of cardiovascular disease in their illness. About one in four of these types of risk factors has never been discussed with a physician.

Let's recognize the danger.

doctor. Alessovar tea, A diabetes physician, UKC Ljubljana, says cardiovascular disease in diabetics occurs 15 years earlier than in other patients. In his opinion, half do not know about their illness. "People with diagnosed diabetes also think blood sugar is not dangerous," says Skvarca.

Some will take nine to twelve years before you can find out that you have diabetes. But then the complications are obvious. Timely detection of disease and timely treatment are important. Skvarca says, "In the first year of illness, we are finally losing sight of a significant millimeter.

The World Wide Web offers a number of tools to help identify the risk of type 2 diabetes, one of which is the #specific of the risks. The IDF recommends that if we know our own dangers and check our health in a timely manner, we can avoid serious complications that could put our lives at risk and improve outcomes.

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