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He was shot when the attacker was already running, but claimed silos.


Ptuj – "I do not confess" was a 52-year-old short answer. Yanko Tomichi, When he was a Ptuj judge Marijan stretch He asked if he would accept the murder and accept the triple attempt to kill him. His father, who had three children, accused him of shooting four criminals who were caught by a 20-year-old son with a stick and a knife at Kurcevin near Berber in late May. Žana Tomić. The Defense Bureau wants to prove that it is a simple silo or silent silo, and the prosecution claims murder and three murder attempts.

Attorney General Ptuj Diana Sagadin Sheruga I did not prosecute yesterday, I did not sentence me for guilty pleading as usual custom in the trial, and the defense and prosecutors speculated that no negotiation had succeeded. "What do you want to negotiate? To acknowledge the murder and murder attempts? In this case, my client may be sentenced to life imprisonment. A lawyer in Maribor has exceeded most of the cases of silos as well as silos I will prove the sound. Stanka Firm GavezI also have many years of experience as a criminal justice judge. This will help with defense work. Darjan Lam Pech"The photographs from the balcony prove that the place where the deaths took place at the end of May, where the plants are much lighter, can not be seen at the end of October, so I suggest visiting the place of action and reconstructing the event. "

Tomic's indictment says that on May 26 this year, 20-year-old son Jean shot four young men who were seriously accused. Two of the four players were scored by Janko Tomic, 29 years old. Žana Kreslina Mortal. One of the bullets shot from a Glock gun was 25 years old. Christian Piper, When he fled from Tomić's house in Krčevina near Vurberk. The other two, 28 years old Sašo Vidovič And a year older Innomarka, She took it without scratches.

At a press conference, the prosecutor said at a press conference, a few minutes after flying in the air for a few minutes in the morning, Tomic wanted to deter the attacker from brutal attacks and told him to shoot when the attacker had already run away from home. Before that, when Bidovich and Pappepar armed with telescopic sticks and knives came home at night, they approached Zaltmym's car.

Meanwhile, the unfortunate Kreslin and Mlakar were guarding the provincial roads. The cause of the tragedy is still unknown, but the attacker has long been threatened by Zana Tomic. Stanka Firm Gavez said, "The investigation must be conducted by the Maribor I Police Department in relation to the threat. If the court accepts the receipt of the defense, it will only be announced at the next hearing, which will be decided next.

Diana Sagadin Šeruga prosecutor has offered 26 witnesses a hearing before the house and in front of the house to explain the details of the tragic morning. Stanka Firm Gavez also offered another hearing. "Darcovic In Elvis Fajic They will be able to tell a lot about the threat that the son was accused by the attacker. "In addition, psychiatrists and forensic psychologists will find fears that a tragic night's attacker might be prosecuted when he lived his life," said Gavezova. "In addition to everything, there is not enough information I have a vision problem. The prosecution opposed all arguments. In particular, the fact that Sagadin Sherugova performed an accurate three-dimensional computer analysis "capable of placing the mouse at any time at any time" and reconstructing the scene.

It is interesting that three survivors have already appealed to the court. Sapho Vidovič and 29-year-old Eno Mlakar were charged with 25-year-old Christian Pfeiffer and 28-year-old Eno Mlakar with mild penalties for harassing and pleading guilty to foreign affairs. The closest person is Pfeiffer, who spent one year and eight months in prison because of the threat of death and the swinging of the victim. Three months ago, Vidovich would leave the bar, and Mulkaka was sentenced to one year in prison. However, only the last person can apply for the execution of a brother in an open department of prison service.

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