Wednesday , March 29 2023

In the SDS congress group prohibiting bottled wine from cooking facilities


SDS members filed a bill on wine in the parliamentary process relating to the amendment of the law in 2013, which resulted in higher penalties for refining unprocessed wines and violations in the wine industry in restaurants in the wine industry.

In the SDS congress group, prohibiting bottled wine from cooking for small wine growers and amateur wine growers … it costs more to prepare wines for small markets. The price of the wine itself increases as a small wine grower is forced into bottled wine. In addition, most of the people in Slovenia have problems with grape cultivation by these small producers who maintain cultural landscapes. Legal penalties are too high and disproportionate to the crimes listed in the various provisions of the law. Such high penalties have no deterrent effect, but are just too scary.

As a result, the SDS Parliamentary group proposes a change so small wine growers can sell clean wines at no extra cost. Therefore, the law proposes to reduce the sentence according to proportional principles.

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