Sunday , December 5 2021

Jan Oblak won the 3rd goalkeeper's best goalkeeper award.


Jan Oblak writes Spanish football history. Twenty-five-year-old Škofjeločan has won three consecutive times in the top goalkeeper division of the elite soccer championship division. The prize money was named after Spain's renowned goalkeeper Ricardo Zamori. Madrid's Spanish sports journal Marco is presented annually.

Škofjeločan joined Athletic in Madrid before the start of the 2014/15 season and signed a six-year contract for 16 million euros. With this transfer he became the fifth most expensive goalkeeper in football history, becoming the most beloved Slovenec and the most expensive goalkeeper in Spanish history.

Oblak is the first laurel of fatigue with a special weight in 2015/16 when he scored 18 goals in 3815 games in Spain. Oblak once again convinced Marco in the 2016/17 season when he played 21 games in 29 games. Last season, in just 37 league games, only 22 were back in competition with 0.59 margins in the division.

Fatigue is not a cat's cough, not only because the fewest hits are involved, but because the goalkeeper is determined by the index or coefficient, the ratio between the number of hits and the number of hits. To compete for the laurels, the goalkeeper must play at least 28 games a season and spend at least 60 minutes in each game.

In another third break, Oblak identified with goalkeeper Ricardo Zamoro, named after trophies, Luis Miguel Arconado, Gregori Blasco, Jose Vicente Traino, Salvador Sadurni and Carlos Ablanet. There are Juan Acuna and Santiago Canizares in front of him, and Victor Valdes and Antoni Ramallets have five witches.

In front of Gorenjci there were three fats between Arconada (1979/80 and 1981/82 season) and Valdes (2007/08 to 2011/12).

Barcelona's first star, Barcelona's Leonel Messi, has won the league since the election last year. Alfredo Di Stefano has won the best soccer player of the season for the past 10 years. Cristiano Ronaldo, the current attacker in Torino Juventus, received this laurel wreath four times. Messi was the top pitcher in the season and scored 34 goals in 36 league games.

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