Tuesday , May 30 2023

Miami without the Dragic is a playful LeBron (video)


Miami – They told Miami before the game. Goran Drake The Lakers can not play against the Los Angeles Lakers in a right knee injury. This was another blow to Miami. De and I Wade In Diona Waiters, A wing egg LeBron James However, they won 113: 97 without difficulty.

James James exceeded his 50th point in his career with 51 rebounds, 8 rebounds, and 3 assists. He was still a frenzy. Wayne Ellington, Has reached 19 points. Miami lost 10 years ago and lost 6-10 victories. Los Angeles is now 9-7 with a better record.

In a Saturday night game, Memphis hit Minnesota 100: 87, and this season was not expected to be too much trouble for the New York Knicks and lost 131: 117. Portland finished the season successfully over Washington. 119: 109) He rose again. Damian Lilad, Reaching 40 points, CJ McCallum 25.

In big trouble they were Golden Stealers and lost to San Antonio with 92: 104. Draymond green He was not easily injured and absent. Stef CurryIt's just whimsical. Clay Thompson (25 points) and Kevin Durant (26 points) The team was too small to win the team. Greg Popovich. LaMarcus Aldridge You have reached 24. Demardé Lozanne 20 points.

It was the third consecutive loss to the champions and third place in the past seven games. Clearly in Auckland, everyone will be much easier when curry comes back.

Riga NBA:
Memphis Grizzlies: Minnesota Timberwolves 100: 87
Gasol 26 and 13 rebounds, Conley 18: Town 15 and 20 rebounds, Rose 18.

Los Angeles Lakers: Miami Heat 113: 97
James 51, Kuzma 15; Ellington 19, Richardson 17.

New York Knicks: Orlando Magic 117: 131
Hardaway Junior 32, Kanter 21; Gordon 31, Vucevic 28.

Portland Trail Blazers: Washington Wizards 119: 109
Lillard 40, McCollum 25; Wall 24, Oubre Jr 19.

Golden State Warriors: San Antonio Spurs 92: 104
Durant 26, Thompson 25; Aldridge 24 and 18 rebounds, DeRozan 20.

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