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The National Council decides on the right to veto the law on private school finances.

The proposal for a vetoed veto was expressed by a member of the State having the first signatory. Vnuchts to see. The bill, which was adopted in Congress on Wednesday, stipulated that it did not align with the Constitutional Court's decision because it distinguished between publicly valid programs and publicly validated programs. Indeed, the introduction of discrimination in accordance with the statements is directly contradictory to the decision of the Constitutional Court as a basis for discriminating or limiting the amount of joint funding of primary school programs in private schools.

By reducing the financing of private schools and complicating their functions, the possibility of choice is reduced and the diversity of the Slovenian school space becomes poor. The senator wrote.

According to the law, the funding of an expanded program for the free access to some of the only mandatory elementary education programs necessary for the uniqueness of all primary education institutions and for achieving educational objectives for the public interest has been completely abolished. The rights of private elementary school students were abolished. "Various teaching methods in private schools should preserve and encourage existing private schools and organizational units without deteriorating their funding rights" They said.

The realization of a new funding proposal will inevitably lead to an increase in tuition fees, restrict access to families who are more socially burdened, and lead to the emergence of private schools for wealthy elites that do not meet the public interest in the long run. I am convinced that a member of parliament. The law not only threatens the existence of private schools, it also threatens private kindergartens.

The proposal also stipulates that reducing the amount of public funding for private schools that implement publicly available elementary education programs constitutes a breach of trust in the law and principles of equality before the law. The State Commissioner also wrote that preserving the unconstitutional funding plan during the transitional period does not fit with the rule of law, the principle of separation of powers, and the free attendance rights of certified public elementary education programs.

A member of the State Council will decide Monday's request at a special session to discuss the supply of drinking water to coastal municipalities. DS Chairman Alozkowska He already informed the Saints about the extension of the agenda.

Adoption of legislation on education and finance, which is expected to make a constitutional decision on private elementary school funding, was adopted by the National Assembly on Wednesday with 42 votes, 36 votes. LM, SD, DeSUS and SAB, Minority MP and Levica abstained from SMC. SDS, NSi and SNS were opposed.

If the DS vote is rejected, it will require 46 votes for the success of the bill, but as expected, no voting results will be available at this time because the parties do not intend to change their positions.

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