Friday , December 4 2020

"This red" hit each other! Svetlana Makarovič publicly attacked the plagiarist Boris Kobalo, but could not speak without mentioning Janez Janša again.

Svetlana Makarovich, renowned for her frivolity, blamed Boris Kobal, a colleague who was recently plagiarized in a harsh speech on Thursday. He was always a bitch, he was always a bad guy, he was always free, he always had no heart culture. " Kobala is the word, but of course she can not get out of her skin and did not mention SDS champ Janez Janša. Janša is a politician, but she has been put in a basket like Kobal and she is confident that she and she are witty. "The man is not witty, but rude and cruel."

Макаровичева In the acquisition. Planet TV She said it was not worth talking about. Kovalov plagiat "This is not interesting to me at all, I know him since the 80s, it was always trough, it was always a bad guy, he was always free, he was always a man without heart culture, I tell him why I'm nervous. This man is boldly wearing a red star here.The ancient apotropean symbol, a symbol of the red star, is no longer a political symbol, but it is no longer a symbol of the party but a moral symbol. Otherwise, Cobal is a totally exciting person. It's just a satire, but a mah-jong shoot, but he has no idea what satire is. "

Asked what would be the appropriate moral penalty for such conduct, Makarovich answered the following questions: "Is it worth asking?" "All artists are sensitive to moral copyright infringement.This is not about copyright.All right, like Cobal.But he's wasting money and wasting his life for money.He's selling the cheapest stuff as much as he can, I bring water with such a man, but you go on. " I am convinced that Makarovic is impossible because he should never have been there when asked about the possibility of exclusion of culture.

According to Makarovich's theory, Kobal is a shoemaker and a shoemaker who goes to the body to earn money. "Again he will complain that Slovenia can not understand satire, it's about satire, and I do not know what it is, it's a serious literary genre. Tone particle It is satire. Iztok Mlakar It is satire. I am a satire. In the area of ​​the storm, the cobalt is zero. " With regard to silence, Kobalo Makarovich thinks he is waiting because he thinks he will forget. "They always look like shingles, I see the similarity between the plagiarists, one side is Cobal, the other side Janša. Both are captivated by the witty belief. He is not witty, not cruel, cruel. " Her hatred for Janša is obviously powerful because she did not forget even while she was talking about Kobala's plagiarism. It is difficult to say that the policy goal is not simply satire, but the adoption of policies that have a major impact on the way citizens live. Obviously, Makarovičeva is not interested in this. She looked after her very well.

Macarocchi's vulgar attitude is not foreign.
It should be emphasized that what the director of the Gent Theater has allowed is unacceptable. In other words, this plagiarism is the translation of Italian works. Aldacikola Originally applied for a request for Slovenian comedy La Prova generale. However, it is essential to admit that people in Makarović are ridiculous when they are classified as prostitutes. She repeatedly proved that vulgarity is a foreign language. This is evident from the round table video on Izola's "Fascism and the Development of Nazism". Left wing extremist known with leader Eric ValenciaSlovenia has created many contradictions about the unenviable use of the "cook", and the Balkans finally swore. Makarovich also condemned past priests. "Slovenian language criticism" It was erased by the curse of Slovenia. She then said: "Then we got a curse with poetic value, I do not know how happy it is to talk to fascists or Nazis.

Makarovičeva pays a monthly pension of "wear a red star" every year and lives in a famous house for the elderly of Trnovo for free, sacrificing taxpayers. In 2000 "Makarovič" with a "principle" declined her Prešeren Prize, but she is very familiar with her final pension account as she accepted her. So the ideal was obviously rejected, but actually accepted it. Otherwise, you did not receive a benefit from this award. Makarovič was very angry when the Jansa government in 2012 was accused of the privileged pension not based on donations to the pension fund due to the difficult economic and financial crisis, but the privileged political standard shared by the ruling elite. After Makarovic was deprived of the 350 euros he actually contributed to the pension fund without being credited, she began the personal attacks and murders of the then prime minister.

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