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Car jewelry could be caught – after Peter and dog Tyr finished the hunt | Gothenburg Post


One incident occurred in Stora Botered in Vänersborg municipality on Saturday. Which GPs have you written previously?

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The man in the car was also affected when he was suspected of being stolen and driving.

Shortly after the accident, at home Peter Magnusson and another soldier in the house, Battalion Skaraborg, were on the scene. They were on their way to a search in Vänersborg, but soon realized they could be helpful in this place too. Something like the GT talked first.

"Our group manager was threatened by a man who was armed with a blade to see if he could help," Peter Greenson said.

Top speed into the woods

The man soon picked up his car from the car and jumped into the wild fence. After climbing over it and starting to run the sled, Peter Magnusson was called from his group manager to bring patrol dog Tyr.

– Two colleagues followed. If someone is armed, there must be a so-called safe person. We were guarding him until he disappeared. We had a dog, so I thought I would bring it anyway.

Then it has disappeared.

"Tyr knew exactly where he was, and he was full of speed, across a field to a wooded area.

In the woods, Tig tracks the god that the man dropped on the way, and soon saw it again.

"When we caught him, he started running again, we ran and always looked at him." The police were at the scene of the accident and knew that we were chasing him.

"Patrol dogs would like to bring change"

After a while, they arrived at the lake and the man relied on Eka and threw it on the water.

– Good. Then we knew where he was and we could not go far, "the police asked the police to patrol the beach until the police arrived.

You can be arrested by the police in 30 minutes. Peter Magnusson is delighted to be part of this event.

"We are doing this and we missed the real thing, Tyr loved the case and knew exactly where he was, it's amazing that the patrol dog in the house can make a difference all year round. Even if the dragon does not fall on our farm normally.

The Belgian horse puppy Tyr was rewarded entrecote late at night.

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