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Carina Berg sold the apartment. There is no home.


Not only was Carina Berg (43) pregnant, but also bought a new apartment with her husband Erik Berg (31), which is in the same area where he currently lives in Stockholm and promised not to buy a renovation project, but they did exactly that. .

-We gave thumbs up that we shouldn’t buy. Carina Berg said earlier in the podcast “Gynning & Berg-Find Yourself.”

Carina bugs problem

However, not everything always comes out as intended. It may not have been the case, even though the Bergs now sell their apartment.

-In the latest episode of the podcast, says Carina Berg.

She continues.

-We leave the apartment, and three weeks after the buyer enters and enters the new apartment. So it’s three weeks apart for my whole family and my whole family to float somewhere.

Berg says that she too will be very pregnant then.

-But where do we live? Do you have a lot on your attefallshus? Ask Berg Carolina Gynning, 42.

Gynning says she doesn’t have much out there, but suggests something else instead.

-You can stay in the hotel.

Hotel requirements

Bugs doesn’t seem to think it’s such a stupid idea, but in that case she feels she has something to want.

-You want a hotel with a small kitchen, but you can ask for a lot, she says, “Gynning & Berg-find yourself.”

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Read more: My husband’s worries about Carina Berg-during pregnancy

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